How We Compare & Rate

Our websites provide general information, reviews, and comparison-based content and tools related to certain services or products offered by third parties that might interest you. On this page you can find information about our comparison, reviews and rating practices.

At the outset, we wish to clarify that: 


When we review and rate, we may consider some aspects such as our own subjective evaluation and internal methodology, as explained below: 

The Compensation We Receive - Advertising Fees. We offer our website free of charge for our users, however, we are compensated by the operators or providers of the products and service we review and compare – meaning, they pay us advertising fees in consideration for our review and display of their offers in our website.  These advertising fees are paid to us whenever a user interacts with such posted offer, or otherwise interact with the applicable provider, purchase a service or product, etc. The advertising fees we receive impact the placement and position of the offer within our comparison listings, as well as the rating and scoring, if we assigned them. These advertising fees might be the only criteria or otherwise combined with additional consideration set forth below.  

Our Preliminary Review. We review, explore and compare the key features of the selected product or service among the various providers, prior to displaying it.

Users’ Reviews & Feedback.  As part of our review and comparison process, we may take into consideration users’ feedback and experience posted on public resources regarding products and services we rate, as well as our users’ feedback, in the event provided to us. 

Pricing, Offered Features & Services. In order to provide a comprehensive review, we might take into consideration, where applicable, the different prices or special features offered for a similar service or product.

Performance, Reputation & Users’ Engagement.  As part of our considerations related to the placement of a certain offer in our comparison listings or otherwise rating or scoring we assign, we may take into consideration the level and scope of such offer performance and users’ engagement with an operator or provider. In simple words – where our statistics shows a high percentage of users that has actually engaged with an operator or a provider of a certain product or service, we take it as an indication of users’ satisfaction.   

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