An In-Depth Examination of The Bouqs Company

The Bouqs Company is able to deliver fresh flowers to your doorstep while making sure to still focus on important concepts like flower care and quality assurance.


The Bouqs Company Review

The Bouqs Company (oftentimes simply referred to as “Bouqs” or Bouqs Co.) is a California-based flower delivery business that wants to make the process of ordering and receiving flowers better, easier, and happier.

Bouqs aims to put the ‘bouq’ in bouquet by connecting customers with eco-friendly flower farms that produce less waste, recycle water, and use sustainable growing practices.

Founded in 2012, this relatively new flower company prides itself on being an innovator in the online floral business and creating a new way of ordering flowers that is better for farmers, customers, and the planet.

However, does this pledge hold up under scrutiny? Does Bouqs really put the ‘bouq’ back in bouquet? Find out in this review that will give this company the full once-over so you don’t have to!

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Pros and Cons of The Bouqs Company

Before we get to the meat of the review, let’s take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of The Bouqs Company.


  • Bouqs Co. takes a farm-to-table approach to ensure the freshest flowers that have come straight from farms around the world.
  • The Bouqs Co. website is well designed and also extremely easy to navigate.
  • This company provides in-depth information about flower care and flower maintenance so you can get the most from your arrangements.
  • Bouqs Co. caters for every kind of occasion and personal taste, curating bouquets for everything from micro weddings to monochromatic arrangements.
  • It also provides a “happiness guarantee” for each and every one of their customers so you can count on being satisfied with your order.
  • User-friendly methods of tracking orders are provided; it doesn’t matter if you placed your order with a Bouqs account or a guest account.
  • Same- or next-day delivery is available on many of this company’s products.
  • Bouqs Co. is excellent at regularly offering coupon deals that their customers can easily make use of, as well as discounts on delivery fees and bouquet prices.
  • Bouqs Co. also offers subscription options that come with significant discounts, so customers can enjoy regular floral arrangements (with the added bonus of free delivery.)


  • Bouqs Co. pricing, while still competitive, is slightly higher than many of its larger rivals in the US.
  • Shipping and delivery fees are higher than others in the industry, even with discount options.
  • Compared to its major competitors, The Bouqs Company has considerably less infrastructure supporting it.
  • Bouqs Co. does not deliver on Sundays.
  • Delivery times are more limited than other, larger competitors meaning they might not be the best company to use for a last-minute gift delivery.

The Bouqs Company’s Pricing

The Bouqs Co. pricing is mid-range with their original bouquets starting at $49. This does make them more expensive than competitors but it could be argued that this is because of the quality product they are providing with their farm-to-table guarantee.  Generally speaking, the products that The Bouqs Company offers encompass a relatively diverse price range. Most arrangements offer original, deluxe, or grand options, so you can upsize your bouquet for a more indulgent gift. Original bouquets typically have a dozen blooms, while standard bouquets comprise two dozen, and grand three dozen.

However, The Bouqs Co. offers customers a range of coupons and discount deals that helps to reduce this elevated pricing. First-time customers can enjoy 20% off their first order and the company also offers a permanent coupon for midweek orders made from Monday through Friday. They also regularly run other discounts and promotions on their site so if their pricing initially seems a little out of your range, don’t let this put you off!

The Bouqs Company Subscription

Another way to save with Bouqs Co. is to choose a monthly subscription package that will save you 30% on all their arrangements. You also get free shipping when you subscribe to regular flower deliveries. 

Not only does this mean that you can enjoy fresh flowers arriving to your door every month, Bouqs Co. allows you to customize your bouquet as well as the date you receive it and even its recipient. This flexibility is rare and a definite bonus for anyone unsure about committing to a flower subscription.

Furthermore, Bouqs subscriptions come with no obligation, with subscribers able to skip as often as they like. 

The Bouqs Company Payment Options

Once you’ve selected your perfect arrangement (and discount deal!), paying with the Bouqs Co. is a standard process. All the usual payment options are accepted including MasterCard, Visa, American Express,  PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. This is slightly different for the subscription service, which only takes credit cards and doesn’t accept PayPal, Apply Pay or Google Pay options. 

The Bouqs Company’s Delivery Details

All things considered, The Bouqs Company’s delivery services are what you would expect from a business that is trying their best to remain competitive in the floral industry. What this means is that The Bouqs Company offers nationwide shipping, with a few caveats. If we take a closer look, we can see that if you are located within the contiguous United States (i.e. the 48 adjoining U.S. states) then you are guaranteed to have a relatively straightforward shipment process. In addition to this, The Bouqs Company does also ship to Hawaii; however, they do make an effort to advise their customers that there is limited carrier availability and so some deliveries may take a little longer or some products may be restricted.

Here is a list of the areas in the United States where The Bouqs Company does not ship to:

  • Alaska
  • Puerto Rico
  • Guam
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • American Samoa
  • Northern Mariana Islands

As an incentive to register on their website, customers with a registered account only have a $15 shipping fee. This is compared to the $25 delivery fee that guests will see at checkout. In addition to this, deliveries that occur on Saturday will have an additional $12 added to their shopping fee. It is also worth noting that if a customer makes use of The Bouqs Company’s subscription service, they will have free shipping on applicable orders.

Bouqs Co. does not deliver on Sundays which is important to bear in mind when placing your order.

However, despite this, you can schedule flower deliveries to arrive at all the important dates on your calendar. Bouqs Co. strives to work with the best local florists to arrange same-day or next-day delivery for you, stress-free. 

The Bouqs Company’s Delivery Times

The Bouqs Company makes sure to advise customers that there is a difference between products that are created by their florists and products that are created at their farms. Products that are created by their florists are shipped 7 days of the week but the details may vary based on the status of The Bouqs Company’s partners. On the other hand, products that are created at their farms are only shipped Tuesday to Saturday and the process is handled by FedEx.

Customers can generally expect that products from florists will have same day delivery if orders are placed Monday to Friday (some areas may also have same day delivery on weekends). Farm-fresh products are more dynamic and delivery times may vary based on availability.

To ensure your delivery arrives on time, you need to order your bouquet by 11am PST. Next-day delivery is only available Tuesday through Saturdays, meaning orders must be placed Mondays through Fridays. This does mean that for a last-minute delivery, Bouqs Co. might not be the right company for you. However, with enough planning, you are guaranteed to have a farm-fresh arrangement arrive at your door!

The Bouqs Company’s Occasions

When it comes to the flowers that they want, The Bouqs Company’s customers aren’t restricted by the time of year or by specific occasions. This company’s website is incredibly easy-to-use, laying out all of their different flower styles and occasion bouquets in a simple and accessible format so you can find what you’re looking for in no time.

The selection of occasions Bouqs caters for is impressive and extensive. Some of their primary celebration and event bouquets include:

  • Birthday
  • Sympathy
  • Easter
  • Valentines
  • Just Because
  • Anniversary
  • Thank You
  • Housewarming
  • Get Well
  • Congrats
  • I’m Sorry
  • New Baby
  • Weddings
  • Micro Wedding
  • DIY Party Boxes

However, even if you don’t need flowers for a specific occasion, Bouqs is still a wonderful company to order flowers by color, season, or type. 

The Bouqs Company’s Flower Types

Generally speaking, as long as the flower that you are looking for isn’t extremely rare or out there, you are likely to find it at The Bouqs Company. In addition to this, the availability of certain flower types can potentially vary because of the company’s partnership with local florists. However, with that beings said, here is a list of some of The Bouqs Company’s most popular flower and plant types:

This means that no matter what you’re looking for, Bouqs is sure to have the flower type or color for you! 

The Verdict on Bouqs

All in all, The Bouqs Company has definitely managed to successfully carve out a sizable niche in the floral industry. Although they are fairly young compared to the vast majority of their competitors, the rate of their growth in recent years certainly makes their future look promising.

They definitely have managed to provide a better level of service than the average company in the floral industry. However, if you compare The Bouqs Company side by side with the best of the best, it is quite easy to see that there are a few minor areas that they need to focus on. For instance, while their selection may be great, the company could definitely benefit from improving and developing their shipping & delivery services.