22 best hanging flowers and plants to brighten up your garden

22 best hanging flowers and plants to brighten up your garden

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Written by Hannah Kingston on August 8, 2021 

What are the best hanging flowers and plants to brighten up your garden?

Today, we give you some of the best ideas when it comes to colour, aesthetic and vibe setting in your garden, driveway or home. 

22 best hanging flowers and plants to brighten up your garden

  1. Strawberries
  2. Ivy Geranium
  3. Spider plants
  4. Pansies
  5. Diascia
  6. Burro’s tail
  7. Sweet Alyssum
  8. Fuscia
  9. String of pearls
  10. Calibrachoa
  11. Black-eyed susan vine
  12. Petunia
  13. Pothos
  14. Scaevola Aemula “Blue Wonder”
  15. Boston fern
  16. Supertunia Petunias
  17. Painted ladies
  18. Dwarf lavendar
  19. Lobelia
  20. Sedum morganianum
  21. Chyrsanthemum 
  22. Fountain grass 



Strawberries aren’t just delicious. They’re also gorgeous to look at. Strawberries grow best in sunny conditions so keep them in a part of your garden that gets good sunlight. 

Ivy Geranium


Ivy geranium is a stunning hanging flower that naturally cascades down over a hanging basket or raised flower bed. Ivy geranium thrives in environments with bright sunny days and cold evenings. 

Spider plants


Spider plants offer a beautiful tropical feel to any garden. Spider plants do best in environments of low humidity. Make sure to give the plant a misting with water if the leaves begin to appear brownish in colour. 


Pansies add beautiful festival colours to any garden and work well in hanging baskets as they can handle cool soil. Make sure that you do not plant in frosty parts of the garden as they will not thrive if it is too cold. 



Diascia are a beautiful flower that add a real Romeo & Juliet feel to any and all gardens. Diascia do best in areas of direct sunlight, which is why they are such a good option for hanging baskets. Plant diascia in direct sunlight for best results. 

​​​​​​Burro’s tail


Burro’s tail has a gorgeous texture and add to any garden. Burro’s tail, which is also known as Donkey’s tail will stand up in cooler climates but will climb down beautifully over pots in warmer temperatures, a gorgeous hanging flower, it is a lovely addition to any garden. 

Sweet Alyssum


Sweet alyssum gives your garden a “meadow feeling” whether your garden is big or small. Sweet alyssum likes six hours of full sunshine, but it doesn’t tolerate too much heat, so place this plant somewhere that has moderate sunlight. 



Not only does fuscia smell gorgeous but it also adds a beautiful colour and aesthetic to any garden. Fuscias, like most people love sunshine and moderate temperatures. They work perfectly in hanging baskets where the temperature of the soil can be better controlled. 

String of pearls


String of pearls do best in warm and dry environments. They beautifully crawl over the side of a hanging plant and offer a truly luxurious tecture.



Calibrachoa is here for the yellow lovers! A beautiful sunshine hanging flower, it works best in moist-well drained soil. Calibrachoa loves full sunshine which perfectly matches up with the plant’s aesthetic. 

Black-eyed susan vine

Black-eyed susan vine

Another one for yellow lovers, the black-eyed susan vine looks like a painting. Black eyed-susan’s love partial shade so placing this hanging flower in a door-way of your home offers the perfect environment for them to thrive. 



Petunia’s are beautifully vibrant, they are a truly versatile hanging flower that work best in indirect light. Petunias enjoy well-drained fertile soil. 



Potos adds gorgeous rainforest colours and textures to your garden. Pothos grow best in low humidity environments. Moderate temperatures also work best so place in a hanging basket that isn’t in direct sunlight should offer best results. 

Scaevola Aemula “Blue Wonder”

Scaevola Aemula "Blue Wonder"

Scaevola Aemula is a hanging flower that looks like it belongs on the set of Frozen! It is delicate yet colourful. The best thing about scaevola is that it continuously blooms all season long, as the weather permits. The perfect hanging flower that ticks all the boxes, just make sure you have well-drained moisture-rich soil. 

Boston fern


Boston fern offers lovely textures as well as vibrant colours. It’s a lovely plant for those who are looking for something cheerful and relaxed. You should consider a boston fern if you are living in a drier climate, which is where they thrive.

Supertunia Petunias

Supertunia Petunias

How could anyone say no to a supertunia petunia? They’re gorgeous and vibrant and grow in big bundles. You need a moderate climate for supertunia petunias, however, other than that, they are a relatively low maintenance hanging flower with great rewards when it comes to colour. 

Painted ladies


Painted ladies are a solid choice. They offer a beautiful kaleidoscope of colour and work well in moderate temperatures. As it is quite sensitive to temperatures that are too hot or cold, this plant works best in doorways or in a place that has a mixture of shade and sunlight. 

Dwarf lavender


Dwarf lavender does best in areas with more moisture and humidity. Plant in full sun with good air circulation. Make sure the soil is well-drained. 



Lobelia are butterfly magnets so you’re getting two for one with this beauty! Lobelia thrive in cooler temperatures and areas with dappled or light shade. They also work beautifully in Winter temperatures so they’re a great way to get colour into garden during colder months. 

Sedum morganianum

Sedum morganianum has a lovely texture and makes a great hanging plant. For best results, place your sedum morganianum in the bright shade or partial sun. 



Chyrsanthemums are a beautiful fiery hanging flower. They grow best in open sunny positions although they can also tolerate partial shade. 

Fountain grass 


Fountain grass is a lovely option to add texture and colour to your hanging flowers. Fountain grass is versatile plant and tolerates full sun to partial shade, moist to slightly dry soils.

Where should you order hanging flowers, as well as occasion flowers?

The below list details the best options for plants and flowers. 


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