Best flower delivery subscriptions in NYC

Best flower delivery subscriptions in NYC

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In the busyness and immensity of New York City, finding the perfect florist or NYC flower delivery service can feel like an impossible task. Who has the time to be running around trying to get to a florist before they close? And who is ingenious enough to get a bouquet of fresh flowers to last a Subway ride or sweaty commute home?

If you are a flower lover to whom many of these concerns sound familiar, worry no more. There is a way to take the stress out of NYC flower buying: to opt for a subscription service instead. 

Flower subscription services in NYC are everywhere, each one offering something different and unique that is sure to appeal to even the fussiest of NYC tastes.

To make it even easier for you to find your perfect subscription service, we’ve compiled a breakdown of some of our NYC flower subscription favorites – from affordable monthly subscription options to the best corporate packages for your business.

Read on to fall in love with some flower subscriptions!

Monthly flower subscription NYC

Let’s start with the most popular option for most subscription users: monthly flower deliveries. A monthly subscription service typically works best for most people financially. As well as this, if you look after your blooms properly it’s possible to get two weeks or more out of them before they begin to wilt and so a monthly option is perfect to replace a finished bouquet before you’ve time to miss it too much.

But what is the best monthly flower delivery option in NYC?


What is great about MonthlyClubs is that they take all of the stress and decision-making out of buying flowers. If you are someone who feels overwhelmed by the sheer variety of flower types and bouquet options available, MonthlyClubs is most definitely the NYC subscription for you.

With this subscription, you will receive a seasonal floral arrangement, accompanied by an entertaining and informative newsletter about your bouquet. Each arrangement includes several flower varieties and accompanying greens, plus floral food to keep each bouquet looking great as long as possible. You can also preset your subscription for 2-12 installments with quarterly or monthly delivery options, making it more hassle-free than ever to get fresh flowers delivered regularly to your door.


EnjoyFlowers also has exceptional monthly delivery options. The best thing about this delivery service is its DIY collection, in which subscribers can have freshly cut stems delivered monthly for them to arrange at home. If you’re looking to let your floral creativity flourish, this is definitely the NYC delivery option for you.

Most affordable flower delivery subscription NYC

For those on a budget, two of the most affordable flower delivery options are certainly BloomsyBox or the Flower of the Month subscription with MonthlyClubs.

MonthlyClubs offers one of the cheapest flower subscription options, with its bouquets priced at $38.95. It is important to note that this excludes shipping and handling fees so there could be a few extra charges at checkout. However, this remains a budget-friendly monthly subscription option.

Alternatively, the variety of options at BloomsyBoxcater for most budgets. If looking for a more affordable flower subscription option, you can choose their BloomsyBox Original subscription – the smallest of their offerings that is designed to bring budget-friendly flowers to as many people as possible.

Corporate flower subscription NYC

If you’re looking to wow your coworkers or clients with a stunning arrangement in your corporate workspace, EnjoyFlowers is the best option for high-quality and impressive arrangements. With over five decades of experience, EnjoyFlowers’ collections are sophisticated and feature everything from common to rare flower types.

For a corporate environment, choose from their signature collection which is crafted with premium flower varieties such as roses, lilies, charmelia and hydrangeas or, for a sensational centerpiece, a subscription to their special occasion collection will create a beautiful monthly showstopper in your workplace.

Weekly flower subscription NYC for clients

If you’re looking for a weekly subscription choice for your clients, BloomsyBox is definitely the best option. It is one of the rare subscription services that offers weekly flower boxes. Best of all, the variety of BloomsyBox subscriptions means that, no matter how diverse your clients may be, you’re sure to find a unique bouquet or arrangement to suit them.

They also offer next day delivery in NYC if ordered before 1pm ET Monday-Thursday.

NYC best flower subscription

While all of these NYC subscription services are pretty exceptional in their variety, creativity, and affordability, it would be remiss of us not to mention that there is one that particularly excels and, for New Yorkers, is just a cut above the rest.  

BloomsyBox has an NYC package like no other with its New York Botanical Garden subscription. This is a monthly delivery option that offers NYC Botanical Garden lovers the opportunity to bring a piece of this landmark’s magic into their homes with a seasonal, hand-crafted bouquet curated with NYBG’s floral experts.

For $69.99 a month for 30-35 stems, this is a more costly option. However, the beauty of these arrangements as well as the special-edition, collectable NYC postcard with beautiful, archival botanical illustrations from NYBG’s Lu Esther T. Mertz Library, and special recipe flower food is, in our opinion, worth it.

Just as importantly, a percentage of this purchase goes towards supporting NYBG’s work in plant science and conservation – what could be better!

To bring NYC into your home via the reliability and ease of a flower subscription service, choose this BloomsyBox limited edition offer.

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