Best long-lasting cut flowers

Best long-lasting cut flowers

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Naturally, when ordering a beautiful bouquet fromSendFlowers or1800 Flowers, we want cut flowers that last a long time, the better to enjoy the sumptuous blooms and revel in their sweet fragrance. 

While we’ve already looked at ways to preserve fresh flowers to get the most out of every posy, bouquet, and arrangement, this article will focus on finding cut flowers that last a long time to truly maximize their bright and perfumed presence in your home.

Read on to find out how long you can expect to get out of most floral arrangements and where to find the best cut flowers that last the longest.

How long can a bouquet of flowers last?

The first question to consider is how long do bouquets last? While the answer does depend on the type of plants being used - more on that later - as well as how attentively you care for them, most bouquets can expect to last five to seven days before they begin to wilt.

How long do floral arrangements last?

Similarly and perhaps unsurprisingly, floral arrangements can also be counted on to last up to a week. However, if your arrangement favors many tropical blooms, which tend to be flowers that last long, you can get ten days out of your arrangement before the blooms begin to droop and fade.

Which leads us onto the most important question of all: which flowers last the longest?

The best long lasting cut flowers


Given they are such a popular feature in so many bouquets - like the ones fromFromYouFlowers - chrysanthemums are undoubtedly one of the best options for long lasting flowers. These blooms are renowned for their ability to last, remaining perky and fresh for three weeks - and sometimes even longer! 

What is particularly wonderful about chrysanthemums is their wide array of variations, with a range of different colors and shapes to choose from. This gives you a never-ending assortment of blooms to add into an arrangement or simply pop into a vase as a single stem bouquet.


Orchid flowers, on top of the elegance and decadence they add to every room and bouquet, are also a bloom with the staying power to last a long time. Though it varies amongst the different orchid types, you can expect most orchid flowers to last two to three weeks once cut. 

This means that you can enjoy everything from vanda orchids to cymbidium orchids for several weeks. Provided, that is, that you tend to these flowers properly.

Orchids are particularly sensitive to their environment and must be kept in cooler rooms and far away from ripening fruit. When exposed to the ethylene gas fruits release while ripening, these flowers will wilt far quicker.


Another bouquet classic and staple of every florist and occasion arrangement, carnations are also known for their ability to last once cut. Similar to chrysanthemums, carnations boast a range of many different colors, making them a versatile and staple choice for any flower-lover looking to keep their home bursting with freshly-cut but lasting blooms.

Expect carnations to last at least two weeks, and even three if cared for properly. 

How can you make flowers last longer?

There are several ways to get the most out of your flowers and ensure they survive longer. We’ve already written about these - check out our guide to fresher flowersand our clean vase how-to.

Putting your flowers in the fridge at nighttime, keeping them away from ripening fruit, cutting their stems at diagonals for maximum water absorption and ensuring the vase and water are thoroughly and regularly cleaned are some of the most important steps in making sure your flowers can last as long as possible.

What are the longest lasting cut flowers to grow?

For the green-thumbed and ambitious, who would like to not only enjoy cut flowers in the home but equally profit from the joy of growing them in their garden, here’s some further options for long lasting flowers that you might already have planted in your flower bed.


The cheerful and excitable zinnia is not only a favorite for pollinators - it’s a favorite for anyone seeking blooms that will last once cut. 

Lasting 12 days in a vase, zinnias are a perfect addition to your garden and, afterwards, your home. Again, their incredibly vibrant color wheel of purple, orange, yellow, or pink options are an additional perk of this resilient flower.


The clustered effect of alstroemeria, which is also called Peruvian lily, allows it to last longer once it’s been picked. This luscious and full-bodied plant, which is often used to add height, texture, and fullness to an arrangement, can last up to two weeks in a vase when in a cluster. 

It’s not hard to see why it is usually the backbone of so many bouquets!


Freesias are another great choice when it comes to finding flowers to grow in your garden that will also last when put in a decorative vase indoors. These bright and citrusy-scented blooms should last up to 12 days after cutting, particularly if hand-picked from the garden. They last best in water that is room temperature. 

Delphiniums, peonies, hydrangeas, and lilies are also great flowers that you can grow and will be long lasting when cut.

Now you know which flowers to look out for when treating yourself or a loved one to a special arrangement, all that’s left to do is order a bouquet. Luckily, that’s the easy part, with delivery services likeFromYouFlowers,SendFlowers, or1800 FLowers offering a dizzying array of choice, affordability, and style for every taste and occasion.

Or, treat yourself to the joy of monthly - or fortnightly - bouquets that will arrive just in time to replace your just-wilted arrangements with subscription services likeMonthly Clubs orBloomsyBox.EnjoyFlowers even offers a DIY subscription service, leaving you to get creative with some flower arranging!

Don’t just enjoy flowers for a few days, enjoy them for a few weeks by following this guide.

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