Everything you need to know about graduation flowers

Everything you need to know about graduation flowers

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Written by Hannah Kingston on July 6, 2021 

​​​​​​Best places to buy graduation flowers

Graduation flowers are a wonderful way to say congratulations to the people you love.

Graduation marks a great transitional point in someone’s life when they move out of their Uni years and into the working world. 

We have compiled a list of our top picks for purchasing graduation flowers for your someone special. 

Do you give graduation flowers? 

Sending a beautiful bouquet of graduation flowers to a graduate you know will be a sure way to brighten their day and make it one to remember. 

If you are planning on giving a loved ones a bouquet to mark the day in person, offer them the flowers after the ceremony, when they can truly appreciate and take stock of the gift. 

If you cannot attend the graduation ceremony, there are a number of fantastic options out there to get your flowers delivered

When it comes to which flowers to give someone on their graduation day, we have got you covered. Read on to find graduation flowers and what they symbolize. 

What flowers symbolize graduation? 

While there are no flowers that distinctly symbolize graduation, graduation flowers can be chosen specifically for the person who will be receiving them. 

There are a number of creative routes you can take. 

  • You can get a loved one their favourite flowers
  • You can get a loved one flowers in their school colours
  • You could  get a loved one flowers with appropriate colour meaning
  • You could get a loved one flowers with appropriate meaning

You can get a loved one their favourite flowers

One of the easiest options is to get your loved ones their favourite flowers. If you are unsure what their favourite flowers are, make sure you ask them well in advance for the surprise factor, or ask someone else who is close to them for the intel! 

You can get a loved one flowers in their school colours

A great way of personalising the occasion is to get your loved ones flowers in their school colours. Most universities have up to three colours on their crest, so it’s easy to simply pick three colours to focus on. 

You could  get a loved one flowers with appropriate colour meaning

Different flower colours have different meanings.

Bright and bold colours incite celebration. Yellow flowers are associated with success and joy. Green flowers are associated with good fortune, rebirth and renewal. Purple flowers symbolize success and accomplishment. Orange flowers symbolize passion for life, and excitement.

Here is a summary of different flower colours and their meaning.: 

  • Red flowers: Courage, respect, love, passion, desire
  • Yellow flowers:  Joy, positivity, friendship, happiness, 
  • Green flowers: Good fortune, rebirth, renewal, good health, youth 
  • Pink flowers: Happiness, love, gentleness, femininity
  • Orange flowers: Vibrancy, enthusiasm, excitement 
  • White flowers: Sympathy, marriage,  innocence, purity 
  • Blue flowers: Peace, tranquility, relaxation 
  • Purple flowers: Royalty, success, sympathy 
  • Lavender flowers: Youth, elegance, grace 

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You could get a loved one flowers with appropriate meaning

We recommend: 

  • Leis 
  • Peonies
  • Roses
  • Carnations 
  • Lilies
  • Hydrangeas
  • Orchids
  • Tulips
  • Ranunculuses


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Leis are given to someone arriving or leaving as well as to congratulate or recognize someone for their accomplishments; this is why we give leis are appropriate for graduates.  


Peonies symbolize joy and happiness.  In China, peonies are known as the “king of flowers” symbolizing wealth and honor. 


Roses have been used as symbols of celebrations for many years.  In ancient Rome, people used roses as confetti during celebrations and as a source of perfume. 

Roses are traditionally symbols of love, beauty, and romance, however, they may also be used to signify a number of different meanings. 

  • White roses: Respect, new beginning, and purity.
  • Pink: Happiness. 
  • Yellow: New beginnings, joy, friendship. 
  • Orange: Desire, enthusiasm, joy. 


The carnation means “flower of gods.” Carnation flower colours have different meanings: 

  • Red: Admiration. 
  • Pink: Forget me not. 
  • White: Pure love. 


Lilies symbolize devotion, and bloom all year round. Peruvian lilies are the ultimate graduation flowers as they represent friendship and devotion. ​​​​


Hydrangeas symbolize gratitude for being understood. 


Orchids symbolize love and beauty. 


Tulips symbolize  spring and rebirth. To the Victorians, a tulip symbolizes fame.


Ranunculuses symbolizes charm, so they suit the graduate who may be the apple of your eye! 


Where can you get graduation flowers? 


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