Everything you need to know about wedding flowers

Everything you need to know about wedding flowers

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Written by Hannah Kingston on June 17, 2021

We all know that wedding flowers can have a significant impact on the mood and atmosphere of your special day. In the Victorian era, flowers were often used to convey emotion where words could not, and this is still true to this day. 

Wedding flowers can be pretty tricky to decide on due to the fact that there are so many options available. Deciding which flowers would best fit with the theme of you and your partner’s big day can become an arduous task, especially if they are left to the last minute. 

Wedding flowers shouldn’t be a source of stress in grand scheme of things, we want to help relieve that stress by talking you through costs, what different wedding flowers symbolize, some of the most common wedding flowers on the market and where you can access speedy wedding flower delivery. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about wedding flowers. 

How much do wedding flowers cost? 

Wedding flowers cost $2,000 for the average couple according to a 2019 survey of over 27,000 couples.

The survey also found that: 

  • 70% of couples hire a professional florist to assist them on their big day. 
  • 30% of couples are willing to increase their wedding budget, particularly for wedding flowers.

Wedding flowers do not need to be an expensive part of your big day, and there are definitely a number of DIY hacks you can use to keep your spending low such as: 

  • Using a mix of inexpensive and expensive blooms 
  • Using branches and wild flowers to bulk up your flower displays
  • Spray painting cheaper greenery and/or plants to keep your fresh plant theme while also producing a vibrant display
  • Using pampass grants or plants to create an earthy look and feel 
  • Incorporating fairy lights into your floral displays for the wow factor 
  • Picking flowers from your friends or your own garden 


If you would like wedding flowers to be part of your day, you will need to allot some time and budget, but the amount of money you spend is really down to you and your partner’s tastes. 

Some variables that affect the price of your wedding flowers will include: 

  • How loud and proud you want your wedding flowers to be 
  • The time of year (and what blooms are in season throughout the year - if you would like to opt for flowers that are not in season, you will unfortunately need to spend more money)
  • The venue in which you are celebrating your big day (We recommend The Knot Marketplace for pricing and sourcing vendors based on location, price and the various services they offer within their floral packages.)

The average cost of wedding flowers is $2,000 but this will likely vary for each and every couple and will greatly depend on their unique wedding budget. 

Wedding Flowers by 1800Flowers.com


Common wedding flowers

Some of the most common wedding flowers include: 

  • Roses
  • Carnations
  • Iris
  • Daffodils
  • Hydrangea 
  • Hyacinths 
  • Amaryllis
  • Anemone
  • Anthurium 
  • Baby’s Breath 
  • Calla Lily 
  • Carnation 
  • Cherry Blossom 
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Clematis 
  • Dalia
  • Daisy 
  • Forsythia


  • Freesia
  • Gardinia 
  • Gerbera Daisy 
  • Hyacinth
  • Hydrangea 
  • Iris
  • Japonica
  • Larkspur
  • Lavender
  • Lilac
  • Lily 
  • Lily of the Valley 
  • Magnolia 
  • Muscari
  • Orchid 
  • Peony
  • Poppy 
  • Protea 
  • Queen Anne’s Lace 
  • Ranunculus 
  • Rose 
  • Snapdragon 
  • Stephanotis 
  • Sunflower 
  • Sweet Pea 
  • Tulip 
  • Tweedia 
  • Zinnia 

What flowers symbolize marriage?

Here are some of the most common wedding flowers as well as their meaning: 


Amaryllis symbolizes beauty and pride. 

Bird of Paradise 

Bird of paradise symbolizes mangificence. 


Camellia grows in two colors, each colour has a different meaning. The red Camellia tells your partner that they’re a flame in your heart. The white one says they’re adorable. 


Carnations symbolize innocence, faithfulness and pure love. 


Daffodils represent new beginnings, joy and faithfulness. Daffodils are the official flower of the 10th wedding anniversary. 


Forget-Me-Nots also symbolize true love, hope, remembrance, and memories.


Blue hyacinths means constancy. Purple is an apology and a plea for forgiveness. Red and pink symbolize playfulness and white connote loveliness. 


White Jasmine means amiability and willingness. Yellow Jasmines mean grace and elegance. The Spanish version implies sensuality. 

Morning Glories

Morning Glories say “I love you” and implies affection. 


Orchids have a reputation for being elegant and utterly unique. They signify rare beauty and refinement, and they’re associated with the 28th wedding anniversary. 


Roses symbolize love, romance, passion and perfection. 

Different coloured roses are associated with different meaning. Manlymanco.com helpfully summarize the different meanings of roses below: 

  • Burgundy: Beauty within
  • Coral: Desire
  • Lavender: Love at first sight, enchantment
  • Orange: Fascination and enthusiasm 
  • Peach: Desire, gratitude, appreciation, admiration, sympathy, modesty
  • Pink: Happiness, appreciation, admiration, friendship, sympathy
  • Dark pink: Thankfulness
  • Light pink: Grace, gladness, joy, perfect happiness, belief, gratitude, admiration, gentility
  • Red: Love, passion, respect, courage, I love you, beauty, pure and lovely, prosperity
  • Deep red: Self-awareness of beauty
  • White: Innocence, purity, secrecy, I am worthy of you, silence, friendship, truth, virtue, girlhood, humility spiritual love of the soul, reverence, charm, and happy love
  • Red and white roses given together: Unity — this is the flower emblem of England
  • Yellow and red roses given together: Happiness, congratulations
  • Yellow and orange roses given together: Passionate thoughts

Roses Collection by 1800Flowers.com

Roses Collection by FromYouFlowers.com

Where can you order wedding flowers? 

Whatever your budget, there are always a bunch of blooms that you can choose to help brighten up your special day. 

If you are looking for wedding flowers to be delivered directly to your door, we have some great options for you! 

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