Famous French Flowers

Famous French Flowers

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France is known for many things, not least the beautiful flowers that sweep its countryside, adorn its cities, and scent its beautiful fragrances we have come to know so well. Discover the fascinating world of floriography and horticulture in France and the rich and symbolic meanings of some of France’s most famous flowers.

Most importantly, read on for the best French flowers you can grow in your garden to bring that touch of France’s quintessential ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your window boxes, flower beds, and hanging baskets.

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Flowers from France

As France is associated with some of the most iconic perfumes ever known, it’s little wonder France’s flowers are so revered and deeply loved by its citizens.

Flowers, alongside food, music, art, and poetry, are an integral part of France’s culture, bringing passion, emotion, and sensitivity to life in bright floral displays.

National flower of France

This is represented in France’s country flower, the fleur-de-lis. This flower – which is a stylized version of a three-petaled iris – has been an emblem of the ancient royal family of France for centuries and remains a potent cultural symbol in France today.

Once a religious emblem – with the petals representing the holy trinity – today in modern France the fleur-de-lis (also spelled the fleur-de-lys or known as fleur-de-luce) holds connotations of pureness, solemnity, liberation, and brightness.

The flower itself is actually a sweet iris – though many think it is a lily as, literally translated, ‘fleur-de-lis’ technically means ‘flower of the lily’. Its petals are paler than other purple irises and it has a pleasing scent.

Famous French flowers

It’s no wonder, with such a backstory, that of all the native French flowers, fleur-de-lis and lilies are probably the most famous in France.

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Other popular flowers in France include the breathtaking flowers of Provence in the South of France, such as lavender.

In the country home to the city of love and renowned for its romance, roses are also extremely popular, particularly red varieties. In fact, read on for some interesting facts behind the meanings of roses in France!

French flowers and meanings


We know that roses have many interesting meanings cultivated and strengthenedduring their long and fascinating history.

In France, the meaning of roses is even more passionately believed than in other countries, with each color carrying its own distinct significance that must be understood and respected. For example, red roses naturally remain symbols of passionate love and pleasure while pink varieties symbolize more tender affection and joy.

Meanwhile, in France, yellow is commonly associated with infidelity and so lovers who have been unfaithful to their partners are recommended to send them a red and yellow rose bouquet as a way to demonstrate their remorse but ongoing, passionate ardor.

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French garden flowers

Many of France’s most popular blooms can easily be grown at home. Here’s some of the best French garden plants that will bring that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your flower bed. 

Of course, to truly live la vie en rose, growing your own French roses will give your garden that dreamy and romantic quality many of us associate with France. Roses are also easily grown and cared for - find out everything you need to knowhere. Or, for indoor gardeners, find the perfect pink rose shrub at Plants.com.

Provence French lavender

Does anything conjure up the magic of France’s rolling countryside quite like the sight of lavender? With its truly intoxicating smell that is widely used in perfumes all over the country and its royal purple flowers, Provence lavender is France’s perfect summer bloom and a fragrant and evocative addition to your garden.

French peonies

Full-bodied and colorful, Frenchpeonies are a herbaceous perennial that makes any garden instantly brighter. The best varieties from France that you can get in the United States are the white Duchesse de Nemours and rose-pink Sarah Bernhardt. Flowering in the late spring to early summer, once peonies receive at least six hours of sunlight each day, these flowers will bring a romantic thrill to your garden.

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Red Poppy

Did you know that the Common Poppy is actually a native wild French flower? Its ubiquity in France is so complete that many consider it a weed! However, in your garden, it certainly isn’t a weed but rather a vibrant and passionate delight. As reseeding annuals, red poppies are the perfect flower for a wildflower garden, even offering the opportunity to cultivate a picturesque French meadow.

Et voila! As you can see, there are so many ways to bring some of France’s most beautiful, fragrant, and symbolic flowers into your garden.

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