Flowers arrangements for mother's day

Flowers arrangements for mother's day

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While we hopefully celebrate our wonderful mothers each and every day, there is something beautiful about a whole day dedicated to showing the strong, compassionate, and kind women who raised us just how much we love them. And what better way to express our love and gratitude than to say it with flowers?

If you’re wondering what kind of bouquet to get your mom this Mother’s Day - or perhaps you want to ditch the bouquet altogether in favor of a more unique gift - we’ve got you covered with this guide that tells you everything you need to know to make your mom feel like the most special person in the world with these showstopping flowers.

Let’s dive in.

Are there official Mother’s day flowers?

Yes, since Mother’s Day was first celebrated in the United States, one plant in particular has become synonymous with the celebration. That flower is the carnation.

In 1908, Anna Jarvis - considered to be the founder of Mother’s Day - distributed white carnations during the first celebration in the United States. White carnations were her mother’s favorite and they have now become internationally recognized as the official flower of this annual celebration of moms everywhere as they signify all the virtues of motherhood.

Carnations in any color can be a symbol of the eternal love a mother cherishes for her children so any shade of this flower is an appropriate addition to any Mother’s Day bouquets.

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What colors are good to use in Mother’s Day floral arrangements?

As well as carnations, chrysanthemums, roses, lilies, tulips, and daisies are also popularly used in flower arrangements for Mother’s Day. However, while any variety of these flowers will represent and celebrate the love between mother and child, certain colors go further in symbolizing the deep bond and eternal affection we have for our moms. If you’d like to truly blow your mother away, consider using these colored flowers in your arrangement.

Purple and burgundy blooms

As you probably know, purple is a color typically associated with royalty and so what better way to make your mom feel like a queen than with some luscious purple, burgundy, or maroon colored flowers? Daisies, lilies, violets, and orchids all have purple varieties so consider adding these to your Mother’s Day bouquet for a majestic flourish.

Red flowers

While you might consider red flowers solely symbolic of romantic love, this color also holds true for the respect and deep devotion we feel for our moms. Using red chrysanthemums will express your love and gratitude while red carnations symbolize admiration and affection.

Pink and salmon

Deep pink blossoms are a sign of appreciation and so gifting your mother a bouquet of dark pink flowers on Mother’s Day is the perfect way to show your gratitude and appreciation for all she has done for you. 

Lighter shades of pink, while also expressing gratitude or, in the case of pink chrysanthemums, an honest love, also represent grace. If your mom is known for her elegance and gracefulness, celebrate it with an arrangement of light pink colors.

White flowers

Lastly, alongside pinks and purples, white is also considered one of the official colors of this mama-praising holiday. White carnations are a symbol of purity and remembrance while white chrysanthemums stand for honesty and loyalty. If you wish to express your pure and everlasting devotion to your mom, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of white blossoms.

Mother’s Day flower baskets 

For a more unique approach to traditional holiday bouquets, why not consider getting your mom a flower basket instead? This option has a more homemade, rustic feel to it and, best of all, gives her an additional wooden basket to use for summer picnics or a fruit basket! 

Browse the many beautiful flower baskets from Mother’s Day flower delivery services like SendFlowers, FromYouFlowers, and 1800Flowers. These are also great options if you need some last minute flowers for Mother’s Day.

Unique Mother’s Day flowers 

Want your one-of-a-kind mom to receive an equally unique bouquet? With 1800Flowers, you can choose a fresh arrangement handcrafted by a local florist especially for your mom. Equally, you can choose less common flowers in your arrangement, such as the cheerful sunflower.

Finally, to be truly unique you could ditch the flowers altogether and instead give your mom a new baby to parent - a plant baby. has a succulent, plant, hanging basket, herb for every taste. Give the gift of greenery for a unique Mother’s Day present for your unique mom.

The best Mother’s Day florists

Now you know the range of gifts and flowers available to show your mother just how much you love her, all that’s left to do is find the perfect florist. The good news is, wherever you are in the country, these flower delivery services offer speedy delivery of the freshest flowers and even have amazing deals on cheap Mother’s Day arrangements.

Choose a colorful Mother’s Day Flower Garden bouquet from FromYouFlowers, order a vibrant Mother’s Pink Tulip arrangement and balloon from SendFlowers, or opt for a pink and red rose and lily bouquet with 1800Flowers for a special gift that expresses your eternal devotion to your mother.

These florists all have an impressive selection of pre-designed arrangements for you to choose from so it truly couldn’t be easier to surprise your mother with a sumptuous bouquet of her favorite flowers.

Alternatively, for either a one-off bouquet or a gift that keeps on giving in the form of monthly deliveries of farm-fresh flowers, why not consider spoiling your mother with a subscription to a monthly flower delivery service. MonthlyClubs, BloomsyBox, and EnjoyFlowers all offer incredible monthly or fortnightly packages - with EnjoyFlowers also offering DIY options for the keen flower arranger - so your mother can feel loved and appreciated every month of the year!

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