Four of the Best Friendship Flowers

Four of the Best Friendship Flowers

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Just as there are all kinds of friends, there is also a glorious range of flowers that symbolize friendship. With so many occasions to celebrate the joy and support that true and loyal friends give us – from International Friendship Day on July 30 to our own National Friendship Day in the US – learning what these special flowers are can transform an ordinary bouquet into a symbolic and precious gift.

Whether you wish to show a new friend that has come into your life that you appreciate them or want to demonstrate unending loyalty to your oldest friend, here is a list of some of the exquisite and evocative flowers that can express what words cannot.

What flowers symbolize friendship?


Chirpy and joyful, chrysanthemum flowers symbolize an equally happy bond between friends. As sunny flowers that burst with connotations of joy, well wishes, positivity, and endurance, “mums” are cheery flowers that stand for friendship. 

These flowers are a wonderful gift idea for a new friend that you hope will remain in your life for a long time as they say, in that magical language of flowers, that you are always going to be there for them.


You probably already know that yellow roses are considered to be the quintessential flower representing friendship. While most roses are associated with romantic love, the brightness of yellow roses are synonymous with the love between friends and the appreciative joy that comes from a fulfilling friendship.

Spreading warmth and smiles - just like friends do! - yellow roses particularly represent a sense of new beginnings and so are a perfect icebreaker if reconnecting with an old friend or perhaps celebrating a new chapter in your relationship with a loved one.


The epitome of friendly, beaming radiance, sunflowers are another flower that stand for friendship. Flowers meaning friendship should encapsulate and symbolize the best parts of the bond between friends. Sunflowers – forever brightening up a home or garden, spreading happiness and joy, and staying strong even through adversity – certainly do this.

Moreover, in mythology these flowers are also associated with loyalty and adoration – two fundamental qualities of a good friend.

So, for the friend who is like a smiling sunflower on a warm day, treat them to a posy of these blooms – they are flowers for a special friend.

What is the color of friendship flowers?

As you might have guessed from the flowers described above, the ebullient and ever-cheering yellow is undoubtedly the color that best defines and embodies the love between friends.

The ever-spreader of happiness and joy, yellow petals can have a transformative impact on anyone’s day. For a special friend in need of a pick-me-up or to celebrate National Friendship Day, yellow flowers never fail to show a friend how much they mean to you.

Is there a best friend flower?

I know what you’re thinking – but what about flowers for my best friend? While all of the above are suitable for any kind of friend, there is one other flower that can be used to show a truly special friend how much you love them.

Alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian lily, transcends romantic love and instead symbolizes the strong and rooted bond between two people. This plant signifies everlasting devotion to friends and an unshakably strong relationship grounded in mutual support due to its notoriously resilient and deep roots.

Furthermore, each individual petal carries its own meaning, each one of which is integral to deepening your relationship with friends. These include patience, empathy, respect, humor, understanding, and commitment – could there be a more perfect flower to give to your best friend?

Are there plants that represent friendship?

If shrubs and plants are more your thing – or perhaps preferred by your friend! – do not fear, there are several plants that also symbolize friendship.

According toGarden Guides, ivy signifies affection and fidelity. Its strength and durability are positive symbols for an enduring love shared by friends.

As so much of friendship is about sharing with others, no other plant could be more symbolic of this relationship than Pilea plants. Also known as the Pilea Friendship Plants, this houseplant has a unique quality of propagating up-shoots which means it is the perfect gift to give to friends and family - find your perfect Pilea plant here.

What makes a good friendship flower bouquet?

Now you know the best friendship flowers for every kind of relationship, choosing the perfect flower bouquet couldn’t be easier! Selecting an arrangement that features some or all of the flowers mentioned above, and particularly using yellow flowers, will make every friend feel like the most special person in the world.

Whether it’s to celebrate Friendship Day or mark a friendiversary, tailor your bouquet to the qualities of the friend receiving it by choosing flowers that signify strength (alstroemerias), joy (chrysanthemums), appreciation (yellow roses), or loyalty (sunflowers).

Find the perfect bouquet at 1800Flowers, SendFlowers, FromYouFlowers.

Or, why not say it better with a flower subscription? For the friend that gives you everything, why not give them the gift of fresh monthly flowers that symbolize your devotion and affection? These plant subscription services will do this and more. Try out MonthlyClubs,EnjoyFlowers or BloomsyBox.

What is the Greek symbol for friendship?

The Meander or Greek Key, as well as being a symbol of unity and infinite and eternal life, also represents the bonds of friendship, love, and devotion.

What Stone means friendship?

Lapis Lazuli is considered to be the stone that best represents – and enhances – platonic love. The stone of truth and companionship, lapis lazuli is good for improving communication.

What color of rose represents friendship?

Yellow roses are the quintessential flower to celebrate your platonic relationships.

What is a symbol for friendship?

The Irish symbol for love and friendship, the Claddagh symbol is recognized universally as a symbol of infinite and lasting attachment.


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