How to plant flowers

How to plant flowers

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Is there anything so satisfying as planting a bulb or pack of seeds and then watching them grow into a sea of bright flowers before you? Well, we want to bring that happiness into your home and garden. Read on to find out how you can plant flowers – and joy! – with this quick and easy guide.

First things first – choosingwhat flowers you would like to plant. There are several things to consider when deciding what flowers to plant at home. Are you looking for blooms in summer or winter? Do you want something to last one season (annuals) or a plant that will bloom year after year (perennials)? Do you prefer tall or short flowering plants, petite and pretty flowers or large and loud shrubs? How much space do you have?

To get the most out of your flowers (and the experience of planting and tending to them) it’s important to ask yourself these questions. There are plants to suit every desire, garden size and climate so pop into your local garden center and discuss with a professional what will work best for you.

Alternatively, if you’re not sure what you’re looking for and are short on time, check out these amazing plant delivery services to help make the decision for you.

Here are four key steps on how to plant flowers: 

  1. Choose the right time to plant flowers
  2. Ensure the soil is correct for the type of plant you are planting 
  3. Prune your plant before planting
  4. Know when to water your plants

Choose the right time to plant flowers

Once you have picked your flowers, the next and equally important step of the planting process is choosing where to plant them.

Firstly, you need to make sure they will have enough sun, shade, and water in order to survive. Some plants flourish in cool shade, others soak up sunlight like an expert sun worshipper. Read the information you receive with your bulbs, plants or seeds to see what your flowers specific requirements are then choose a spot in your garden that best delivers this.

Positioning is important for another reason: your own enjoyment! Flowers are there to be admired so make sure you plant them in a place where you can best see and appreciate them.

Strategic decisions made, it’s time to start planting! An overcast day that’s not too hot or sunny is perfect for flower planting. As a general rule, wait until after the last frost of the season to plant.

Ensure the soil is correct for the type of plant you are planting 

Flowers flourish best in good soil. Good soil has lots of organic material in it, is loose and well-drained.

This is because plants require space between soil particles for roots to grow. Thus, to ensure loose, aerated soil with enough space between particles, avoid compaction and refrain from digging or handling wet soil. To test if soil is too wet for planting, squeeze a sample into a ball and throw it onto a hard surface. If the ball stays intact, it’s too wet to use.

When planting into a garden or raised bed, prep your soil in advance by adding some compost and getting rid of any weeds that will compete for nutrients and light.

For potted plants, simply fill your box with potting mix (this isn’t the same as gardening soil but is easily available from garden centers) leaving an inch or two at the rim.

When digging, remember that plants require a hole twice the size of their container. Bulbs need a hole slightly larger than their own size to comfortably sit in. Seeds are typically planted in shallow soil so simply follow your packet instructions closely to know how deep and far apart to place them.

Prune your plant before planting

Remove your plant from its pot, always lifting by the stem. If its roots are heavily entwined, you can pull them apart (gently!) with your hands to encourage them to spread out into the hole.

Pinch off existing flowers or any dead or wilted leaves so the plant will focus its energy on establishing strong roots instead of flowering.

Place your plant or bulb in the hole at the same depth it was in the pot. Fill the hole back up with your soil, tamping it lightly and then water thoroughly.

Next, it is important to mulch your new plantings. Mulching – putting a layer of bark, wood or grass clippings around the plants – will conserve moisture (so you can water less), deter weeds and improve soil structure as the mulch decomposes. 

Know when to water your plants

Just as we trim our hair and nails to keep them strong and healthy, flowers thrive when treated to some TLC. Deadhead and groom your plantings, clipping off spent flower heads so they will be encouraged to put more energy into their foliage, roots, and survival.

Some flowers, like dahlias, will bloom again when cut. The added benefit of this is that you can take clippings for bouquets, bringing the vibrancy of your garden into your home, all while improving the health and strength of your flowers!

Finally, water sensibly and according to the needs of your plant. Remember that watering is essential for strong roots so it is better to water deeply and less frequently than constantly but shallowly.

And that’s it! A pleasant afternoon in the garden for a season of endless colour and joy! With some amazing businesses delivering plants to your door, it couldn’t be easier to plant flowers at home – check out some of our recommendations below.

Plant Delivery Options

At Lively Root you can find beautiful plants with an eco-friendly guarantee that have been home-grown at their nursery. They also provide customers with an in-depth library of plant care information and guides – perfect for the eager beginner. offers an impressive and comprehensive service, including plants in their well-priced offerings. They also deliver to 140 countries so wherever you are in the world, you can get your fingers deliciously green.

For those who are short on time but still want to experiment with gardening, is a great option. While they do sell flowers on their website, has become popular for its range of houseplants and succulents. Thus, if you want a low maintenance garden experience, has the perfect plant baby for you.

If you’re not ready to get down and dirty and plant your own flowers just yet, here are some other great options:

1800Flowers  is one of the titans in the flower delivery industry, providing international delivery services to over 195 countries. They also have a vast offering of options to choose from, so whether you’re sending flowers in the USA or abroad, you can find flowers to suit every season and taste.

If you’re a flower lover looking for a subscription box, look no further than BloomsyBox. Affordable and farm-fresh, Boomsby box deliver high-quality and diverse flowers in over half a dozen subscription plans.

For those seeking to flex their creative muscles with some flower arranging (but avoid the planting and pruning) Enjoy Flowers’ offer a flower delivery service that includes a unique subscription to their DIY collection. With this subscription, you can get bundles of 20, 30, or 40 stems delivered on a monthly or fortnightly basis to assemble yourself.

Sendflowers is the best place to order flowers online if you are looking for  a variety of gifts and balloons for any celebration. Their mission is to help you express any sentiment through beautiful flowers that are inexpensive and delivered on time.

For flowers and bouquets that best support local florists, look no further than High-quality, competitive pricing and incredibly fast and reliable delivery service are all guaranteed with

Teleflora is a flower retailer and flower delivery company that works with over 10,000 local florists across the U.S. and Canada to ensure same-day flower delivery. If an immediate bouquet or burst of floral colour is required, you can rely on Teleflora to deliver.

Are you looking for beautiful blooms but feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice? MonthlyClub might be the perfect fit for you. MonthlyClub offers a stress-free subscription service for flower lovers that want fresh bouquets delivered monthly, with none of the stress of decision-making. Find out more at MonthlyClub.

If you’re looking for flowers or a bouquet for a specific occasion, then you can’t go wrong with With their entire offering neatly categorised for your convenience, JustFlowers is a straightforward flower delivery service designed to take the stress and time out of any occasion gift.

FlowersFast do exactly what they say on the tin - deliver fresh, beautiful flowers, fast. Offering a full range of bouquets and flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, funerals and more, FlowersFast provide same day delivery service and discount prices across the US.

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