How to propagate monstera

How to propagate monstera

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Written by Hannah Kingston on October 11, 2021

Monstera which is also known as Monstera deliciosa or a Swiss cheese plant. 

Monstera is native to the tropical forests of southern Mexico, south to Panama. It has been introduced to many tropical areas, and has become a mildly invasive species in Hawaii, Seychelles, Ascension Island and the Society Islands.

Monstera are a gorgeous addition to any home plant collection, and luckily for new or experienced plant moms and dads, they are not a high maintenance variety so you can enjoy your beautiful tropical leaves without having to put too much effort in. 

How to propagate monstera


Monsteras quite literally like to take a life of their own, meaning that they will continuously grow upwards and outwards. The slight issue may arise when they grow outwards with gusto. Once they start to take over, you may want to get some control on that growth. It’s time to propagate your monstera. 

Here’s how to propagate monstera: 

1. Find the node

The node is a little nub at the end of a monstera leave stem. Often the node takes a V shape and you will be easily able to tell where it begins and ends. Also, quite often, two stems will grow from one node. It is super important to find the node to ensure that the monstera has the best chance of growing, without the node, your monstera will not continue to grow. 

2. ​​​​​​Cut 2-3 inches below the node

Once you have identified the node, cut 2-3 inches below it with sharp scissors. You want one clean cut that includes the stems, leaves and node. Once you have taken your cutting, wash the node using some filtered water.  

3. Prune the extra trimmings

If find that there are too many leaves growing from the stem, now is the time to get pruning! The sweet spot sits at around 2-3 leaves, otherwise the stems may have too much weight to carry and the process will become too difficult. 

4. Hydrate your cutting

Take a clean jug or glass jar and fill with filtered room temperature water and place your cutting in there.

5. Position your cutting

Use ties to help keep your plant in an upright position. Or alternatively use a hug or jar that is narrow to ensure that your cutting grows upwards. 

6. Maintain 

Every 2-3 days, change the water and rinse the roots of your cutting to ensure that the node is staying hydrated and has the best opportunity to grow some new white roots. 

Can you propagate a monstera leaf?

You cannot propagate a monstera leaf on its own. Nodes are essential to ensure a successful propagation as they contain the structures that are vital for new growth. 

If you are keen to have the monstera in a jar for temporary decorative purposes, then it is good to know that they generally stay fresh in water for a long time, however, new growth is unlikely. 

Remember, new stems and new growth need a node!


How do you take cuttings from monstera?

You should take your cutting from the node. Plants are made up of nodes and internodes. The node is the location on the stem where new growth can occur. Internodes are those areas of the stem in between nodes where nothing pushes out. Nodes are crucial for propagation.

Any portion of your Monstera that forms a “V” (where two leaves split apart or a new leaf grows from the main stem) will be an area with a node present. When cutting, you’ll want to cut two to three inches beneath that “V” to ensure you’ve included a node.

Monsteras that are a little bit more mature tend to have more nodes than younger ones. The great news is that the more notes, the more opportunities for fresh growth! . Each individual node has the potential to develop new leaves and roots.  

So what does a Monstera node look like? Each new petiole of your Monstera (the stalk that joins the leaf to the stem) is attached to a node. Any place where a leaf, branch, or new stem emerges always is. You may also be able to see a white or brown knob protruding from the area; this is a node. If aerial roots are present, they will be emerging from a node as well. 

Can you root a monstera leaf?

You cannot root a monstera note for the purposes of new growth, without a node there will be no growth.

As mentioned, if you are looking for a more decorative approach can remain fresh looking for months!

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Can a monstera root in water?

Sunlight and water are the keys to successful propagation. 

Once you have cut from the node, place the cutting in water near an area of the home that receives direct sunlight and wait!

Should you put monstera roots in water?

Monsteras are not aquatic plants, so keeping them in water forces them to adapt to circumstances they wouldn’t find in the wild. … Although they can survive in water, they will not get as big or healthy as a Monstera deliciosa that is provided with a pot of well-draining potting soil mix and something to climb.

How long does monstera last in water?

Can you grow a Monstera deliciosa in water? You can leave a Monstera deliciosa growing in water for quite a long time, but it will never reach its potential in size or health unless it is eventually moved to soil. 

Once the monstera begins to develop roots, it is time to place it in the soil!​​​​​

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