Local Flower Delivery: Here's how to support your community

Local Flower Delivery: Here's how to support your community

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Written by Andrea Pinto  on June 17, 2021

The first reason why we should all be supporting our local florists goes without saying: it helps small businesses, well, stay in business.

The benefits of supporting local florists

It can be difficult for small flower shops to compete against larger companies, which is why small businesses can often struggle to stay afloat — let alone grow and expand. But local communities can play a huge role in helping small businesses thrive. And by supporting your local flower shop, you will also be giving back to your community and helping your own neighbours pay their bills and employ more people.

Your local florist is also far more likely to provide a personalized service. That’s one of the main charms of local businesses: they know their customers much better than anyone else can, and they strive to provide great service.

If that wasn’t enough, buying locally sourced flowers is typically much better for the environment. Buying local results in lower carbon emissions, and your local florists will probably be more open to your requests, such as using plastic-free wraps for your bouquet. Flowers that are shipped from a faraway location have a significant carbon footprint.

How to support your local florist

So, supporting your local florist sounds great, but you may be wondering… How am I supposed to do it? It can be confusing if you don’t know who your local florists are, or where their businesses are located.

First stop: Google

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the top resources to find florists in your area is Google.

If you don’t know many flower shops in your city or town, simply head over to Google and search “florist near me” or “florist in [your location]”. Even small businesses are very likely to be registered on Google Maps or Google My Business. Through this search engine, you will be able to see their exact location, and in many cases, their phone number, opening hours, and even customer reviews. Businesses may not have a detailed website or social media pages, but you will still be able to find them quickly using this method.

Florists that have a more extensive online presence — for example, an online catalog or a strong social media platform — will also show up on your search. You can even filter results by distance, allowing you to choose the flower shops that are closer to you. This is a fantastic way to learn more about local businesses in your area.

Recommend them to others

Sometimes we can forget the power of simply spreading the word. Even if floral arrangements aren’t in your plans — or in your budget — at the moment, you can still help out your local florists by making sure that you recommend them to more people.

Make sure to mention them if you ever hear of someone looking for a great flower shop, or even share their business on your social media. Even if you don’t have many followers, your recommendation could lead to a few new customers for your florists — which can be hugely beneficial for small shops!

And if you do use their services and are happy with the flowers you received, remember to leave a positive review on their online pages and social media. Online engagement can help any business grow, and happy customers are the best recommendation for any florist.

Local flower delivery services

While not all online flower retailers offer flower arrangements sourced from local florists, there are some that definitely work with local businesses to provide their services.


This online flower retailer is well known for promoting local florists. They have their own team of professionals, but they also work directly with many flower shops. These independent florists are able to fulfill local orders, which means that availability will vary depending on your location. But if you are unsure of where to find small flower shops near you, Florists.com makes it much easier to get started. 

Florists.com also offers very competitive prices, allowing you to support your local florists without breaking the bank. Additionally, items delivered by local florists are typically available for same-day delivery, which is another huge plus if you need a flower arrangement to be delivered quickly.

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This is another retailer that partners with many different local florists across numerous locations in the United States to bring you fresh, beautiful, locally-sourced flowers. Similarly to Florists.com, Fromyourflowers.com is able to offer same-day delivery thanks to their collaboration with local flower shops. 

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This online retailer works with more than 10,000 local florists across the United States and Canada to fulfill 100% of their orders. But Teleflora isn’t a new business — it was founded more than 80 years ago and as a result, they have tons of experience and will be able to help you choose exactly the type of service that you need.

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