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How to clean a cloudy glass

Written by Holly Hughes on March 09, 2022 Nothing can ruin a beautiful bouquet as quickly as a cloudy or stained glass. And we don’t just mean their look! A...

08 March 2022

What kind of flowers do you give a man?

Written by Holly Hughes on March 06, 2022 In an age where gender equality has never been more important, why can’t we treat the men in our lives to a...

05 March 2022

The meaning behind hydrangeas

Written by Holly Hughes on March 04, 2022 Ever wondered what the meaning is behind these big, bold, and pastel-colored beauties? Read on to find out everything you need to...

03 March 2022

What to put in a movie gift basket

Written by Holly Hughes on March 01, 2022 We all need a bit of hibernation every now and then and there is nothing so glorious as a movie marathon at...

28 February 2022