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Plants that help you sleep better

Written by Holly Hughes on February 08, 2022 We know that having plants inside our house offers a myriad of physical and mental benefits, as well as just being a...

07 February 2022

What is the meaning behind tulips?

Written by Holly Hughes on February 7, 2022 Of the many flowers out there, few contain as many different shades and varieties as tulips. Bright and boisterous or delicate and...

06 February 2022

The secret meaning behind orange flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on February 05, 2022 Fiery and bright, the color orange is so evocative it is little wonder that in the secret language of flowers, blooms of...

04 February 2022

Best hanging indoor plants

Written by Holly Hughes on February 03, 2022 Perhaps you have run out of all possible shelf and floor space for your plants or maybe you are looking for a...

02 February 2022