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How to Grow Paperwhites at Home

Written by Holly Hughes on August 12, 2022 Elegant, easy to grow, and fast-blooming so eager children can daily see the progress of these tall and dainty plants, paperwhites are...

11 August 2022

Growing Chionadoxa: the ‘Glory of the Snow’ and Your Garden

Written by Holly Hughes on August 9, 2022 Is there anything so glorious as the first burst of color in a wintry garden that announces the arrival of spring? That...

08 August 2022

A Guide to Bleeding Hearts Care

Written by Holly Hughes on August 6, 2022 If you haven’t yet lost your heart to the beauty and delicacy of bleeding heart flowers, this might be the article that...

05 August 2022

Growing Creeping Phlox for Sensational Ground Cover

Written by Holly Hughes on July 31, 2022 What we love about creeping phlox is that it isn’t just functional, it’s ornamental too! An amazing and hardy low-growing plant that...

30 July 2022