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How to Grow and Take Care of Anemone Plants

Written by Holly Hughes on July 01, 2022 Are you looking for a low-maintenance spring-flowering plant with knockout blooms? Or perhaps you want large blooms to brighten up your autumn...

30 June 2022

How to Care For Caladium Plants

Written by Holly Hughes on June 27, 2022 Caladiums – with their enormous, multicolored leaves that vary in color from delicate whites to vivid pinks and lush greens – are...

26 June 2022

How to Grow Freesias

Written by Holly Hughes on June 24, 2022 One of the most fragrant and vibrant wildflowers to grow in South Africa, freesias are a wonderful flower to grow in any...

23 June 2022

All About Daylilies

Written by Holly Hughes on June 20, 2022 ‘Beautiful for one day’ – such is the meaning of the daylily’s Greek title, ‘Hemerocallis’. It’s so-named due to the fact this...

19 June 2022