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Mexico's National Flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on January 24, 2022 Flowers have been embedded in Mexican culture for centuries as centerpieces to the nation’s happiness, grief, and health. Mexican flowers have held symbolic,...

23 January 2022

How to water plants while away

Written by Holly Hughes on January 22, 2022 The very last thing you want when coming home from a vacation is to find your plants withering and yellowed. We go on...

21 January 2022

How to care for peace lily

Written by Holly Hughes on January 20, 2022 The rich beauty of a peace lily cannot be underestimated. Dark leaves illuminated by brilliant white blooms, this tropical plant is one of...

19 January 2022

Meaning of Pink Flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on January 18, 2022 Pink isn’t just to make the boys wink. It is a color with a long history of symbolism, representing everything from inner peace...

17 January 2022