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The Best Plants for Your Office Desk

Written by Holly Hughes on December 05, 2021 Plants completely transform an office space. Not only do they bring colour and life into a dull or stagnant environment, they boost employees’...

04 December 2021

What Flower Represents the Taurus Zodiac Sign?

Written by Holly Hughes on December 04, 2021 Did you know that there is a special birth flower for the Taurus Zodiac sign? Have you ever felt drawn to some flowers...

03 December 2021

What is the Virgo Zodiac Flower?

Written by Holly Hughes on December 03, 2021 We all know our star signs and the characteristics they colour our personalities with - the fieriness of an Aries, the passion of...

02 December 2021

How to plant flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on November 28, 2021 Is there anything so satisfying as planting a bulb or pack of seeds and then watching them grow into a sea of bright...

26 November 2021