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Landscaping Ideas for the Perfect Desert Garden

Written by Holly Hughes on June 08, 2022 A desert garden is anything but barren. The dramatic landscape that creates and inspires it offers much inspiration to create a haven...

07 June 2022

How to Revive a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Written by Holly Hughes on June 07, 2022 Despite the appearance of hardiness, fiddle leaf figsare a demanding and fragile plant that, with one adverse environment condition, can die. Knowing...

06 June 2022

Small Townhouse Backyard Patio Ideas

Written by Holly Hughes on June 05, 2022 While you might live in a townhouse and therefore feel like you need to miss out on the joys of a sprawling...

04 June 2022

How to Keep Plants Warm in Winter

Written by Holly Hughes on June 03, 2022 You’ve been gifted a beautiful houseplant from Plants.com and you’ve spent all summer watching it grow luscious and large in the warm...

02 June 2022