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Everything you need to know about transporting flowers in a car

A fresh flower survival guide - discover how to keep flowers fresh in a hot car and how to transport flowers and flower arrangements in a car without them wilting...

13 February 2022

Five fun facts about tulips

Where did tulips get their name? Why were tulips the world's most expensive flower? How did tulips cause an economic crash? Find out with these fun tulip facts

11 February 2022

Flowers with funny names

This plant guide looks at ten of the weirdest, craziest, and funniest plant names. Named after Darth Vader and mother-in-law's, here's our top ten coolest plants.

09 February 2022

Plants that help you sleep better

What are the best plants to help you sleep? Discover the ultimate plants for improving bedroom air quality, removing chemicals and giving the best night's sleep!

07 February 2022