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How to Water Air Plants

Written by Holly Hughes on May 06, 2022 Air plants are fascinating things, as baffling as they are beautiful.  However, the confusion they cause isn’t just their strange methods of...

05 May 2022

Year Round Plants

Written by Holly Hughes on May 04, 2022 Many of us consider our gardens as seasonal stages, an ever-rotating theater of brief-blooming perennials and annuals that emerge and disappear in...

03 May 2022

Annual Shade Plants

Written by Holly Hughes on May 02, 2022 Does your garden miss the heat of the sun and live perpetually in shade? Are there sheltered alcoves of your outdoor space...

01 May 2022

How to Care for a Cactus in Winter

Written by Holly Hughes on May 01, 2022 Cactus care in winter can be a cause of worry for some plant parents, especially for those living in cold areas with...

30 April 2022