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Easy roses to grow

Written by Holly Hughes on April 08, 2022 Iconic, fragrant, and with a myriad of varieties to choose from, roses aren’t just the crowning glory of a Valentine’s bouquet –...

07 April 2022

Big flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on April 07, 2022 In the world of flowers, big is always better. There is nothing so sensational as the sight of big, lustrous blooms overflowing...

06 April 2022

All about peonies

Written by Holly Hughes on April 05, 2022 One of the brightest and most eye-catching spring flowers, peonies are renowned not only for their beauty and symbolic representation of good...

04 April 2022

The meaning of chrysanthemums

Written by Holly Hughes on April 03, 2022 If you’ve ever asked ‘what do chrysanthemums symbolize?’ then this article is for you! From the etymology of this flower to the...

02 April 2022