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Cold Weather Flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on April 12, 2022 After the kaleidoscopic beauty of a summer garden, the thoughts of a cold and barren upcoming winter can fill a flower lover...

11 April 2022

How to Prune, Trim, and Care for Roses

Written by Holly Hughes on April 10, 2022 There is often the belief that roses – one of the most beautiful, fragrant, and dramatic plants you can add to your...

09 April 2022

Easy roses to grow

Written by Holly Hughes on April 08, 2022 Iconic, fragrant, and with a myriad of varieties to choose from, roses aren’t just the crowning glory of a Valentine’s bouquet –...

07 April 2022

Big flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on April 07, 2022 In the world of flowers, big is always better. There is nothing so sensational as the sight of big, lustrous blooms overflowing...

06 April 2022