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All types of orchids

Written by Holly Hughes on March 23, 2022 Coming in almost every shape, color, and size imaginable, orchids are famed for their majestic beauty and powerful elegance. However, did you...

22 March 2022

Best anniversary flowers ideas

Written by Holly Hughes on March 21, 2022 What better way to celebrate a special anniversary than by saying it with flowers? It can often feel as difficult to find...

20 March 2022

What plants keep ticks and fleas away

Written by Holly Hughes on March 19, 2022 The one downside to having a beautiful, verdant garden is sadly, the risk of ticks and fleas amongst the shrubs. Ticks love...

18 March 2022

How to care for an indoor bamboo plant

Written by Holly Hughes on March 16, 2022 If you’ve ever wondered whether you can bring the tropical vigor and vibrancy of a rainforest into your home, today you find...

15 March 2022