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Everything you need to know about transporting flowers in a car

Written by Holly Hughes on February 14, 2022 There is a certain joy in picking up flowers on your car ride home or en route to visit a loved one....

13 February 2022

Five fun facts about tulips

Written by Holly Hughes on February 12, 2022 There is so much more to tulips than just their cheerful and brightening beauty. While many of us know what these bright...

11 February 2022

Flowers with funny names

Written by Holly Hughes on February 10, 2022 What’s in a name? It turns out quite a lot! We often think that flower names can be the least interesting thing...

09 February 2022

Plants that help you sleep better

Written by Holly Hughes on February 08, 2022 We know that having plants inside our house offers a myriad of physical and mental benefits, as well as just being a...

07 February 2022