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Plants that repel mosquitoes

Written by Holly Hughes on January 29, 2022 There is not much to dislike about the sweet-smelling heat of summer. Long al fresco dinners in the garden and nights spent...

28 January 2022

A step by step guide on how to dry flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on January 27, 2022 Perhaps it’s a wedding bouquet, a floral birthday gift, or just an exceptionally beautiful bunch of wildflowers freshly plucked from the garden. Whatever...

26 January 2022

How to make your fresh cut flowers last longer

Written by Holly Hughes on January 25, 2022 Is there anything better than a bouquet of freshly-cut flowers? When we receive a gift of bright and cheerful blooms, from either a...

24 January 2022

Mexico's National Flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on January 24, 2022 Flowers have been embedded in Mexican culture for centuries as centerpieces to the nation’s happiness, grief, and health. Mexican flowers have held symbolic,...

23 January 2022