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Meaning of Pink Flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on January 18, 2022 Pink isn’t just to make the boys wink. It is a color with a long history of symbolism, representing everything from inner peace...

17 January 2022

The Powerful Meaning Behind Black Roses

Written by Holly Hughes on January 10, 2022 Did you know that not only do black roses exist but that they also have a powerful meaning behind them? These elegant flowers...

09 January 2022

The many meanings of blue flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on January 09, 2022 Have you ever wondered what blue flowers symbolize? As one of the rarest flowers – according to Country Living, of the 280,000 flowering...

08 January 2022

A Guide to Aloe Vera Plant Care

Written by Holly Hughes on January 08, 2022 Aloe vera comes pretty close to being the perfect plant to care for. It is low-maintenance, doesn’t shed leaves that can be a...

07 January 2022