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Flowers with negative meanings

Written by Holly Hughes on December 27, 2021 We all know that flowers are harbingers of happiness, joy, and love and we use them as such to convey these emotions to...

26 December 2021

The secret meaning of yellow flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on December 26, 2021 Yellow is such a bright, ebullient and magnetic color that it’s little surprise that flowers of this shade carry important significance. In this...

25 December 2021

The Best and Worst Flowers for Allergy Sufferers

Written by Holly Hughes on December 25, 2021 The smell of freshly-cut grass. A meadow of sweet-smelling wildflowers. A freshly-picked bouquet of daisies. These are some of life’s simplest and most...

24 December 2021

Can I put flowers in the fridge?

Written by Holly Hughes on December 20, 2021 Is there anything more delectable than the gift – either to yourself or from others – of freshly cut flowers? Whether you’ve received...

19 December 2021