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Sagittarius Birth Flower

Written by Holly Hughes on December 17, 2021 Did you know that there is a special Sagittarius birth flower? Just as our Zodiac signs have a particular spirit animal and gemstone,...

16 December 2021

What is the Leo Birth Flower?

Written by Holly Hughes on December 15, 2021 Zodiac flowers are the flowers that best align with your star sign, representing your innate characteristics and helping to bring out and augment...

14 December 2021

Irish Flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on December 13, 2021 Don’t you love how every flower is never just a flower – it is a symbol of national identity, or intense personal emotion,...

12 December 2021

The Best Plants for Your Dining Table

Written by Holly Hughes on December 10, 2021 Often, we only consider decorating our dining tables with plants, flowers and arrangements during holiday seasons. However, using some greenery as a centerpiece...

09 December 2021