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Grow Fritillaria Bulbs for a Showstopping Spring Display

Want exotic and dynamic flowers at home? Grow fritillaria! These springtime blooms are a showstopping addition to your garden, learn how to grow fritillary here

16 August 2022

How to Prune, Cut Back, and Care For Buddleia

What is the correct way to prune buddleia? Discover how to properly cut back and maintain buddleia, also known as butterfly-bush, in this quick and easy guide!

14 August 2022

How to Grow Paperwhites at Home

Grow paperwhite flowers indoors with this easy how-to! The perfect festive flower, paperwhites are easy to grow in pots or water if you follow these simple steps

11 August 2022

Growing Chionadoxa: the ‘Glory of the Snow’ and Your Garden

What is chionodoxa and why should you grow it? Discover the magic of chionodoxa and why its the perfect blue and pink flower for an early spring garden here!

08 August 2022