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What Flower Do You Get For Prom?

Written by Holly Hughes on March 20, 2023 Prom is such an important occasion in the life of a student. It symbolizes new beginnings, as well as celebrating the accomplishments...

19 March 2023

How Many Species Of Orchids Are There?

Written by Holly Hughes on March 13, 2023 Orchids are a plant known all over the world for their elegant beauty and delicate flowers. However, the reason these stunning blooms...

12 March 2023

How To Send Potted Plants

Written by Holly Hughes on March 2, 2023 You want to surprise a loved one with a potted plant - maybe they’ve just got a promotion and you want to...

01 March 2023

How to Send Flowers to a School

Written by Holly Hughes on October 8, 2022 Whether it’s to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day or you want to send a ‘just because’ bouquet to a teacher who has gone...

23 February 2023