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How to get Orchids to Rebloom

Written by Holly Hughes on May 10, 2022 Exotic, sensual, and beautiful, it’s ironic how orchids – the flowers associated with fertility and virility – can be so difficult to...

09 May 2022

South African Wild Flowers

Written by Holly Hughes on May 09, 2022 South Africa is home to a rich and diverse range of indigenous plants, all of which are crowned by the glory of...

08 May 2022

Are Flowers Vegetables?

Written by Holly Hughes on May 08, 2022 Have you ever been at a restaurant and ordered a salad which, when it comes, is sprinkled with bright flower petals? Have...

07 May 2022

How to Water Air Plants

Written by Holly Hughes on May 06, 2022 Air plants are fascinating things, as baffling as they are beautiful.  However, the confusion they cause isn’t just their strange methods of...

05 May 2022