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A Guide to Bleeding Hearts Care

Discover how to plant and care for bleeding heart plants here! Easy to grow, bleeding heart flowers are a vibrant and showy addition to your early spring garden.

05 August 2022

Growing Creeping Phlox for Sensational Ground Cover

Transform your rockery, border and garden with creeping phlox - a starry and low-growing shrub that is easy to grow! Discover how to plant phlox with this guide

30 July 2022

Introducing Acidanthera Your Garden’s Must-Have Summer Plant

Acidanthera is one of the best summer plants to grow in your garden! Gladiolus acidanthera isn't just easy to grow, it's totally stunning. Learn how to grow it here

26 July 2022

Growing Tuberous Begonias

Transform your garden, patio or hanging baskets with tuberous begonias using this article! Begonias bring a tropical feel to your shaded garden, learn how here!

23 July 2022