Sagittarius Birth Flower

Sagittarius Birth Flower

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Did you know that there is a special Sagittarius birth flower? Just as our Zodiac signs have a particular spirit animal and gemstone, we all also have a special Zodiac flower that represents and augments our celestial selves. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at what flowers represent Sagittarius and help you find the best flowers for Sagittarius women, as well as the best plants and floral colours to bring prosperity to your life and home.

Sagittarius birth dates and characteristics

This Zodiac sign rules from November 22 to December 21. A fire sign, Sagittarius embodies the usual fire characteristics and is all about energy, action, and motivation. Thus, Sagittarians are known for having an adventurous spirit, willing to go where others will not in their constant quest for knowledge, freedom, and fun. Spontaneous, optimistic, and inspired, Sagittarians are a passionate bunch who bring out the best in the people around them.

Is it any wonder famous Sagittarians include Taylor Swift, Samuel L. Jackson, Tina Turner and Jay-Z? Importantly, the Sagittarius sign is known for being funny and one of the great cosmic networkers. Easily making friends and forging connections, Sagittarius is a social butterfly who puts their innate fire into the bellies of everyone they meet!

What flower represents this immutable energy and motivated ambition? Let’s find out! 

What is the Sagittarius birth flower?

Carnations are the undisputed Sagittarius flower sign, symbolising their strength and energetic beauty. It is unsurprising that carnations are Sagittarius flowers given that their vibrant forked clusters emulate the dynamic spirit of this fire sign.

Sagittarians are also renowned for their love of love, further aligning them with carnations which are known for being popular wedding flowers! As the most long-lasting flowers in a bouquet, carnations too have become synonymous with love, making them the perfect gift for a Sagittarian in your life.

Other flowers for the Sagittarius Zodiac sign

Other flowers associated with this sign include dandelions, peonies, blackberries, and thistles. The adventurous spirit of Sagittarians is evident in these plants and flowers that are constantly exploring new terrain and springing up in the unlikeliest of places!

Dandelions and peonies can also be considered a Zodiac flower for Sagittarius as their cheerful manes of vibrant petals again represents the natural strength and joyous optimism of this funny and outgoing star sign.

Flowers for a Sagittarius woman

Choosing a bouquet for a Sagittarius woman is easy once you know which of the star sign’s traits she most aligns with. If strength, fieriness, and spontaneity best describe her, you cannot go wrong with a bouquet of carnations.

Despite the energetic and spontaneous nature of this star sign, Sagittarians prefer flowers in lighter colours, preferably light blue, white, cream, or orange. Be sure to choose flowers in these colours to impress your favourite Sagittarian.

Best flower delivery websites for your Zodiac blooms

Now you know Sagittarius’ favourite flowers, it’s time to find the right bouquet and plants to brighten up your home and garden!

For some glorious bouquets, there are so many brilliant delivery options! Be sure to check out 1800 Flowers, Send Flowers, FromYouFlowers, and EnjoyFlowers - you won’t be disappointed!

Subscription services are a wonderful way to make sure your home is never without some beautiful arrangements to bring out your best traits and make your heart sing. We love BloomsyBox for the variety of their flowers and their affordability. MonthlyClubs is beloved for its simplicity - simply pick your chosen blooms and then look forward to their arrival each month, that’s it! EnjoyFlowers also offer a great subscription service. 

For the more adventurous Sagittarians looking to bring their garden or home to life, you can order plants, pots or seeds from

What is Sagittarius’ lucky flower?

Carnations are considered to be lucky for this star sign. Lucky colours for Sagittarius are light blue, white, cream and orange so any flowers in these colours will be lucky too!

What is the Sagittarius birth animal?

Centaurs have always been considered the birth animal of Sagittarius, reflecting their inquisitive and adventurous nature. Half-human and half-horse, centaurs are considered to be the bridge between Heaven and Earth which illustrates the free-spirited and idealistic nature of Sagittarius.

What is the color for a Sagittarius?

Light blue, white, cream and orange are all considered lucky for Sagittarians.

What is the plant for Sagittarius?

Snake plants represent the adaptable, adventurous and bold personality of a Sagittarius. Equally, the unique and exotic alocasia plant is considered to share many traits with Sagittarius.

What is the tree for Sagittarius?

The Sacred fig represents this zodiac sign because of how it protects and breathes new life into the organisms around it. The Sacred fig tree bears strong spiritual importance. 

It provides fresh oxygen and positive energy to anyone who sits beneath it. Its wide branches and foliage help to protect other living organisms, inspiring them to grow.

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