The Best Bushes for in Front of Your House

The Best Bushes for in Front of Your House

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Finding the best bushes for front of house gardens can transform a lack-luster yard into a characterful, interesting, and vibrant space.

As well as this, bushes for front of house serve a practical purpose, reducing noise pollution, blocking unsightly views, and creating privacy around your home.

With this in mind, here’s a list of some of the best bushes for your front of house yard, from colorful hedges to pretty flowering shrubs and more.

Hedges for front of house

For privacy, you can’t beat a hedge to screen the front of your house and help with noise and traffic pollution. While there are many bushes for front of house that can be grown into full and effective hedges, here’s two of our favorites.


While we normally associate most hedges with evergreen bushes like boxwood, there are more colorful options available if you’re feeling daring. You can enliven your green border with color by choosing a bush like forsythia that has bright yellow flowers.

Despite their cheery color that are sure to brighten up the front of every house, forsythia bushes are considered one of the best fast-growing hedges due to how quickly and thickly they grow. They are a great option for anyone looking to create added privacy around their home without sacrificing on color or character.

Rosa rugosa

For a more casual interpretation of hedging that again prioritizes beauty and color, choose rosa rugosa. This variety of rose bushes makes a wonderful addition to front of house gardens as it is fast-growing, disease-resistant, and can tolerate poor soil conditions. On top of this, varieties of this bush offer an array of beautiful flowers in shades of white and deep purple and are attractive to birds and wildlife.

Discover other easy-to-care-for roses here.

Beautiful shrubs for front of house

There’s no reason when considering plants for your front garden area that you can’t use pretty bushes for front of house. There is an impressive array of bushes that can provide protection and privacy for your house while still bringing vibrant color to your garden. Here’s some of the most beautiful bush ideas for front of house.

Shrub roses

We know that rose bushes add incredible beauty to any garden. However, as plants that are easy to care for and have a thick foliage, shrub roses are particularly good as screening bushes for front of house gardens. Their thick foliage and bushy appearance make them a great statement bush that can work well as a border plant.

In fact, many experts recommend planting several of the same variety together in groups of three or more to create a denser bush and bring a fuller display of color to your garden. Knowing how to prune, trim, and care for rose bushes is essential – find out how to maintain them properly here.

Or, to immediately experience the joy of roses inside your home, order yourself a bouquet from EnjoyFlowers or FromYouFlowers instead!


With long-lasting blooms in all kinds of colors, from hot magenta to pinks, yellows, oranges, and whites, azaleas are another show stopping bush for front of house plots. With ruffled petals and long, egg-shaped leaves, azalea bushes instantly become the focal point of any front of house garden and are popular front of house shrub ideas.

A part of the rhododendron family, azaleas are small evergreen bushes that thrive in shade. Or, for those looking for shade-loving bush ideas for front of house, discover other plants that thrive in shaded areas here.

The best evergreen shrubs for front of house

Evergreen is some of the best shrubbery for front of house as it delivers year-round blooms, drama, and structure to your front of house garden. Here’s some of the best evergreen shrub ideas for front of house.

Winter Gem Boxwood

Boxwoods always top the list of popular evergreen plants for front of house as they are incredibly easy to maintain and offer dense and verdant greenery all year-round. The bright freshness of their evergreen leaves never fails to bring some cheer to even the most wintry of gardens.

As a low-growing bush, it’s a great option for a front of house plot as it can be used in hedging, bordering, or topiary for some extra creative flair.


Though most hydrangea bushes are deciduous, there are a few evergreen bush varieties, all of which are perfect for front of house gardens. In fact, the popularity of hydrangea bushes speaks for itself as they can often be found front and center outside most houses.

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Offering large, showy flowers in delicate hues of blue, purple, pink, and white, hydrangeas are great for both large and small front of house gardens as they can be grown in pots or in the ground.

Like most of the bushes for front of house, hydrangeas are also widely used because their large size means they can offer protection and privacy to houses.

Find out what other big flowers you can plant in your garden with this guide to large flowering bushes.

Can’t grow hydrangeas in your garden but want them in your home? Order a bouquet of blue, white, or pink flowers from 1800Flowers or SendFlowers here to bring the joy of these bright and big flowers into your home.

Small shrubs for front of house

If you only have a small yard to landscape in front of your house, there are plenty of smaller plants that can still deliver a big and bold impression.

No bush does this better than lavender. With its signature scent and purple fronds of flowers, lavender is the perfect way to welcome a newcomer into your house. And, because it is low-growing – and works equally well planted in pots – lavender is an ideal bush for smaller yards. These bushes also attract butterflies and bees, giving every front garden a wildflower appearance, even when on a busy residential street.

Holly and camellia are other low-growing evergreen bushes that provide smaller gardens with some much-needed greenery and character.

As it turns out, the only hard part about planting shrubs in your front garden is figuring out which ones to choose!

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