The best flower delivery for anniversary

The best flower delivery for anniversary

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Written by Andrea Pinto on July 6, 2021 

As your anniversary nears, you may be wondering what to give your partner. It’s important for anniversary presents to be thoughtful and romantic; after all, they mark special occasions and milestones in your relationship.

Flower arrangements are probably among the most popular anniversary gifts across the entire world. They’re classic, easily customizable, and let’s be honest — who doesn’t love a gorgeous flower arrangement?

Flowers can brighten any space, and they’ll remind your partner of your thoughtfulness every time they look at their arrangement.

Fortunately for all of us, buying flowers online and having them delivered is easier than ever thanks to many hardworking and innovative flower shops.

You can now pick a bouquet and have it delivered (in some cases, even on the same day!) without having to leave your house, making it much more simple to give the perfect anniversary gift every year.

Read on to discover some of the best flower deliveries for anniversary celebrations.

The best online options for anniversary flower deliveries

There are many online flower retailers that offer dedicated Anniversary sections on their websites. Although you don’t necessarily have to choose one of these designs, they make the process of picking an anniversary bouquet much easier.

And if you want to add something extra, a lot of these websites have you covered — they offer many additional gift options, from balloons to fruit baskets, and many other options.


1800Flowers is one of the biggest online flower shops, and with good reason. They continuously offer beautiful flower arrangements that can fit any budget, and they have different delivery options to make sure that your anniversary flower gift will arrive just in time. 

The company offers many different designs, and they feature an exclusive Anniversary category devoted to these arrangements only. Of course, you can always choose to go with a different design if you want to.

1800Flowers also offers plants, gift baskets, fruit arrangements, chocolates, baked goods, jewelry, and much more. They even sell charcuterie gift boxes! You’re sure to find the perfect anniversary gift for your loved one at their website.


From You Flowers

From You Flowers is another classic online flower shop. This company even delivers to more than 140 countries — perfect for couples in long distance relationships!

This company also has an Anniversary page where you’ll be able to find exclusive designs, although you can also opt for an arrangement from a different category if you prefer.

From You Flowers also offers additional gifts, including balloon bouquets, gift baskets, fruit baskets, spa gift baskets, and even stuffed animals.

Bloomsy Box

If you want to truly go all out for your anniversary gift, you could even get your partner a Bloomsy Box subscription.

As its name suggests, Bloomsy Box offers a subscription flower box with weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly deliveries.

So if your love just loves flowers, this could be a great gift! Rather than getting them a single bouquet on your special day, you could surprise them with a flower delivery subscription to make sure they receive fresh blooms regularly.

New flowers will be cut, shipped, and delivered with care instructions according to your subscription plan, for as long as you want them to.



Teleflora has over 80 years of experience in the flower industry, and the company is known for its extensive collaboration network with local florists which allows it to offer incredible delivery options — including same-day delivery, in case you forgot about your anniversary gift!

Teleflora is a great option if you’re eager to support local flower shops, since they’re the ones that fulfill orders and are able to offer their products to a much wider audience thanks to this collaboration.

Teleflora offers many Anniversary designs on their website, and they have a very wide selection of fresh flowers and arrangements that can be adapted to any budget and time schedule.

Some people would much prefer to receive a live plant instead of a flower arrangement, and can help you in this case. The company does offer flower bouquets, but plants are their true specialty.

Plant moms and dads are typically thrilled to be gifted a new plant — and if your partner is one of them, you’ll be able to choose a gift from their wide variety of houseplants, ranging from bonsais to succulents, and even small trees. Your favorite plant lover will be delighted with their new green baby!

Flowers Fast

This company also features an extensive collection of Anniversary and Romance-themed flower arrangements. Flowers Fast doesn’t charge an additional fee for same-day deliveries, and this delivery option is available as long as you order before noon in the recipient’s time zone.

Otherwise, next-day delivery will still be available to you, unless you order during peak flower delivery dates. In these cases, the company recommends that you place your order at least two days before the arrangement is meant to be delivered.

Flowers Fast also offers additional options to complete your gift, such as balloons, teddy bears, and fruit and gourmet gift baskets.



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