The Best Flower Delivery for Birthdays

The Best Flower Delivery for Birthdays

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Best flower delivery for birthdays

Flowers are the best gift for every birthday; no doubt nothing can make the heart sings more than flowers.  A birthday bouquet is a living reminder of the magic nature beholds and the inspiration, harmony and freshness it provides us with its beauty. Celebrating 5 years birthday or 95 years, those sweet moments of life will always be more festive and exuberant with a beautiful unforgettable birthday bouquet.

A flower bouquet may behold many massages and hints. A colorful Daisies and Gerberas bouquet can pass a lot of freshness, hop and joy and a red or dark red roses bouquet can typify lush and romantic love.

Best flower delivery for birthdays

How to choose the perfect bouquet for the perfect day?
And what colors are birthday flowers?

The color pallet has a great impact on the main ambience. Deep red color scale expresses many types of love, when the character becomes romantic when roses are present. Integrate royal white will not derogate in any case. Orange and yellow tons create jolly, happy and vivid birthday bouquet. Pure yellow can signify a sunny bliss and uplift every state of mind in any occasion. Pink for its rich verity of tons is the most innocent color. It take us all to a happy naïve and playful place, therefor it consider as the color that carries the least ego. Purple and blue for their varieties are very elegant and spiritual colors. Green is calming and refreshing. The white color in nature is pure light or all the colors together. It brings the cleanest and the most elegant message and could be combined with every color without taking away of its power.

The flowers you choose carry many massages and stories as well. For generations in many cultures from ancient Greek all the way to the Instagram age they always carry a symbolic meaning. Their Latin names usually come from their unique characteristics that carry a significant part in the secret language of flowers. Knowing this language helps us express the message we are trying to say (and that not always can be spoken out loud).

Here are some common flowers with their significance:

Rose- Love: Worldwide since ever roses symbolize love and passion. Many authors, poets and play writers have used rose for its strong lushy image. The Greeks and the Romans associated roses with Aphrodite and Venus, the goddess of love. The essential oil that it contains helps self-love and used in skin care products, and includes its unique conquering scent.

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Sunflower- Vitality: If you ever saw a sunflower field you probably noticed how they all turn their head to the direction of the sun- one of their main sources of existence. How do they do that? Even more amazing is the fact that it is one of the most nourish flower exists, for years been used for its nourish seeds and the rich oil that produced from them. Its bright bold yellow tone and its happy beautiful sun-alike figure have a powerful impact as a homogeneous bouquet and in integration.

Sunflower - Vitality

Carnations- Holiness: This sacred flower was used in Greek ceremonial crowns. It is impossible to ignore the intoxicating scent that is suggestive for the presence of the healing essential oil.  With the wide range of colors carnations have those days they express beauty, gratitude, love and divination wile every color carries its own association. The pink carnations are believed that their appearance on earth was created from Saint Marias tears and therefore symbolize mother’s unlimited love. It is the state flower of Ohio and the flower of the January birth month. For the plant well known durability is given in the first wedding anniversary and in mother day.

Carnations - Holiness

Orchid- Luxury: The most rare and delicate beauty the exotic jungle contains, while hanging out there enjoying the blurry sunlight that gently penetrating through the treetops it is the most desired ornamental plant. The vanilla pods we use are coming from the vanilla orchid that is native in the jungles of Mexico. In the Aztec culture, Mayan culture and ancient Greek orchids were well known for their healing virtues and associated with medicine. Orchids represents the feminine strength and rare delicate beauty, gentleness, fascination and magic wile pink orchid represents affection and white orchids stand for clean, accuracy refinement and high standards.

Orchid - Luxury

Lisianthus- Outgoing nature:  In Texas you can find Lisianthus in the wildlife as ‘Taxes Bluebell’, in Illinois it will be called ‘Prairie Gentian’ and the dark purple Lisianthus named ‘Lira de San Pedro’, exists in the wildlife of northern Mexico. Many types of this plant may be similar to Poffy in their single form verity or to roses in their double form. More than anything the royal Lisianthus symbolizes elegant and natural beauty.

Sweet Pea- Blissful pleasure, Delicateness: Departure, goodbye, thank you for the lovely time and adios. This sweet fragrant flower is also known as the birth flower of April. The name ‘Sweet Pea’ believed to be used first by the poet Keats. During his time (The 18 century) it was a very important plant in important events and was even used as a symbol in the Edwardian England, it was constantly in their floral arrangements at the time. In the Victorian Area it was famous for its unique sweet scent and the gentle vivid blossom and colors. As for English gardeners it is recognized as ‘The Queen of Annuals’.

Entering the secret language of the flowers and their meanings opens up an endless fascinating beautiful worldwide ways of communicating. In any case, when choosing the perfect bouquet it is essential to decide the accompanied massage you want to express, that will help you with the right choice, and more than anything to stop and smell the flowers!

The best flower delivery for birthdays



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