The Best Flower Delivery for Christmas

The Best Flower Delivery for Christmas

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​​​There’s enough to be doing at Christmas without adding ‘worrying about flower arrangements’ to the never-ending list. While we all would love the time to carefully gather flowers and foliage and painstakingly arrange them into beautiful centerpieces and bouquets, the reality is most of us don’t have the time or energy for this. 

Which is where floral delivery services come in! Christmas flower delivery in the USA is such an easy, hassle-free, and affordable way to decorate your home with the most sumptuous and festive blooms (which often come with same-day delivery to make it even more stress-free).

So, if you want to order flowers for Christmas and save yourself time and stress, keep reading for some of the best delivery services out there. Plus, if you’re hoping to have a more unconventional floral display this year, there’s some simple but original alternatives to traditional flower deliveries - you don’t want to miss this!

Christmas flowers for delivery

The best delivery services for Christmas flower deliveries


As you know, we’re already big fans of 1800Flowers for occasion gift deliveries, as this flower delivery business is an industry behemoth that has a bouquet, gift basket, or present for every possible celebration. Their Christmas bouquet delivery options are no different. From candy cane lilies to mixed flowers, 1800Flowers offers Christmas bouquets to delight everyone on your list.

1800Flowers’ Christmas flowers for delivery range in price from $39.99 - $79.99 and include table centerpieces, bouquets, and even decorated holiday trees. Shop their full holiday range here.


If you’re looking for a last-minute flower delivery option, FromYouFlowers is your friend. Their extensive range of holiday floral arrangements are the perfect gift to fill a home with the Christmas spirit. Most importantly though, they can be at your door the same day you order them, with immediate delivery available for most items.

From holiday flower baskets, festive poinsettia plants, or gorgeously-arranged flower and candle centerpieces, FromYouFlowers is one of the best delivery services for quality, price, and quick delivery. 

Poinsettia available from FromYouFlowers

With their Christmas delivery collection starting at $29.99 and exclusive deals available, you can’t go wrong with FromYouFlowers.

Ideas for Christmas gift flowers

We often think that flower deliveries for Christmas have to be bouquets, arrangements or wreaths. However, Christmas isn’t just the season to be jolly, ‘tis the season to be inventive in our gift delivery too! If you’d like to treat a loved one to a Christmas flower delivery that’s just that bit different and exciting, here’s some flower delivery ideas sure to surprise and delight.


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without an amaryllis plant. Make this a must-buy on your delivery list to give a loved one - or yourself. With sensationally-colored flowers varying from white to red, amaryllis is considered one of the best Christmas flowers. This isn’t just because of its festively-colored petals but also the fact it is one of the easiest plants to grow indoors (even in winter!).

LivelyRoot has a fantastic selection of amaryllis plants that would make for the perfect Xmas flower delivery. Choose from the salmon-striped vibrancy of the Double Flowering Dancing Queen Premium bulbs or the snowy white beauty of Marilyn Iconic Double White Flower Bulbs. Both of these Christmas flower bulbs are for sale at $50 each and, given that amaryllis Christmas flowers can last for several decades when properly cared for, this is a great-value gift that will spread festive cheer for many years. 

Find out more about the delivery and payment options of the stunning amaryllis varieties LivelyRoot offers here. Or, for a complete and comprehensive breakdown of LivelyRoot, read our ultimate review!

Christmas amaryllis


Another flower that can trump a Christmas bouquet delivery is the elegant paperwhite. Impossibly easy to grow (and satisfying to watch as they spring up so quickly!), paperwhite bulbs or a pre-grown plant make for a delightfully creative surprise Christmas delivery. 

Paperwhites are the perfect festive flower as their dainty and snow-white flowers, perched atop delicate stems, can work as a simple but elegant table centerpiece, a stunning adornment for a mantelpiece, or be the crowning glory of your Christmas dining table.

They can also be grown in glass vases over water, creating another element to add drama and originality to your Christmas decorations. Turn your paperwhites into a jaw-dropping centerpiece by shopping’s range of glassware, vases, and accessories here.


Want to avoid a flower delivery altogether? Why not go all out and gift a Christmas cactus delivery instead? Cacti and succulents make for a wonderful Christmas present as their low-maintenance nature means they will be sure to survive the post-Christmas blues, bringing vibrancy and joy to a home for years afterwards! 

Unlike other Christmas flowers online, a cactus will continue to thrive well into the New Year as well as make for an interesting take on festive arrangements. Find your perfect cactus at LivelyRoot or - you’ll be spoiled for choice with both!

Now you’ve got some tricks up your Christmas jumper sleeve, there’s nothing to stop you from creating a floral Winter Wonderland in your dining room, living room, or even just your bedroom. Take the stress out of your Christmas preparations and order your festive blooms online this year instead. You won’t regret it!


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