The Best Plants for Your Dining Table

The Best Plants for Your Dining Table

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Often, we only consider decorating our dining tables with plants, flowers and arrangements during holiday seasons. However, using some greenery as a centerpiece year-round is a beautiful way to add colour, vibrance, and elegance to your living space.

The dining table is a focus point that brings people together. We congregate around it to share food, our stories from the day, a deserved cup of tea. Channel this spirit of community with some well-placed plants that will help turn your dining table into the heart of your home – as well as its most beautiful and stunning jewel.

Read on to find out the best plants for your dining table.

Direct light

If your table is in direct sunlight, the best dining room table plants will of course be our lovely, low-maintenance succulents or cacti. If you have a long or rectangular table, small pots of succulents or cacti along the middle of the table can be a modern take on dining room table plants, adding some industrial chic.

For those seeking a more dynamic and vibrant plant, try the enthusiastic croton with its lush and many-coloured leaves.

Bright indirect light

Leafy options such as lucky bamboo, dracaena, and hoya will thrive on a dining table facing east or west. The hoya in particular, with its thick leaves and nests of starlike waxy flowers, is a beautiful option for a high impact houseplant that couldn’t be easier to maintain.

Again, if looking to combine the colourful blush of flowers with the long-lasting reliability of an indoor plant, nerve plants are a perfect addition to your dining table. Its petite size and richly contrasting leaves – emerald green veined by bright pinks, reds, and whites – means it is ideal for adding depth while not taking away from the main purpose of the table.

Low light

For darker living spaces, the bold calathea or elegant orchid are worthy of a place on your dining room table. Conversation starters in their own right, these two plants are both examples of how simple pieces can add the same drama and delight to a room as a bouquet.

Plants on your dining table for good feng shui

As we mentioned, the dining room – with the dining table as its focus – is a space in which we gather to share food, conversation, and laughter. Our dining table should reflect this concept of community and encourage it through the use of feng shui. The plants we choose for our dining table and where we place them are integral to this.

The best dining room table plants for good feng shui are those that have a tangible presence and strong purifying qualities. After all, a space cannot harbour positive energy without clean and high quality air. Examples of plants that fulfil these functions include philodendron, jade, money tree and areca palms.

Most importantly, however, is to ensure that whatever plant you choose is healthy and robust – anything else will signal deterioration!

Christmas centerpieces for dining room tables using real flowers and plants

With the festive season swiftly upon us, now is the time to be preparing some sensational centerpieces using fresh plants and flowers. The secret to a good floral arrangement is without hard and fast rules. Just make sure whatever plants and flowers you are using are robust and healthy.

Balance contrasting colours and heights where possible. If playing with height, most experts recommend having taller flowers at 24 inches at least, and smaller blooms at 12” or under.

Finally, make sure your centerpiece achieves the principles of good feng shui: creating positive energy by purifying the air, cultivating a sense of sharing, openness and community, and using lots of greenery.

If you’re short on time, a Christmas centerpiece can be as simple as a table runner topped with a few small houseplants. Rex begonias are a wonderful, festive-coloured plant that can save you time and win you admirers.

And that’s it! It couldn’t be easier to find some truly showstopping plants to complete your dining table. Find the best centerpiece, subscription flowers, or exceptional blooms for your dining room at one of these flower delivery sites for some festive feng shui goodness!

Can you put flowers on a dining table?

Yes, you can put anything on a dining table – from flowers to candles to bowls of shells! However, when choosing flowers for your dining table, make sure they don’t obstruct the views of diners or be too fragrant to take from the natural aromas of the food you’re serving.

What is a table decoration called?

Table decorations – particularly floral decorations – are called centerpieces. These are important items of a display that command the main focus of a room or table.

What are the rules for a table centerpiece?

There are no set rules for creating a table centerpiece. However, general guidelines would be to make sure your centerpieces don’t obstruct the views of your fellow diners, to avoid fragrant flowers as these detract from food aromas, and to make sure any plants you use are robust and healthy for good feng shui.

How tall should a dining table centerpiece be?

According to Trendey, the maximum height for a dining table centerpiece is twelve inches. If you wish to go taller but not obstruct guests view, you can look at centerpieces with elevated stands that bring your centerpiece to 32 – 36” in height – a dramatic and showstopping addition to any dinner party!

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