The Hidden Meaning of Purple Flowers

The Hidden Meaning of Purple Flowers

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Ever since the Victorian era and even long before, the color of flowers has carried a magic symbolism and none more so than the purple flower. Regal, rare and shrouded in mysticism, these blooms have had a symbolic power for centuries.

What is the meaning of purple flowers? Wonder no more! Here is everything you need to know about purple flower’s meaning in past and present culture and how their cultural meaning has changed over time.

What does the color purple symbolize?

Before we dive into purple flowers’ symbolism, let’s first look at what the color itself represents.

It has traditionally been associated with mysticism, royalty, and love. In Persia, Cyrus, the ancient king, wore purple robes as his regal uniform while in Ancient Rome, ordinary citizens were banned from wearing the color outright as it was deemed above them.

As the color of royalty and rulers, it has therefore been associated with success, grandeur and a sense of majesty – something that is still evoked today in the delicate elegance of violet, lavender and lilac blooms.

In relationships, the color has long represented admiration and love. While lighter shades are said to symbolize youthful innocence and are thus associated with love at first sight, deeper shades indicate a deep and long-term love and romance.

 What do purple flowers represent?

Though we often think of purple flowers as rare, it turns out there are more varieties of purple plants than there are dies! In fact, there are over 100 species of these richly-colored blooms in the world today!

According to1800Flowers, purple flowers symbolize success and royalty – though the richness of the color determines the meaning of the plant. Lavender flowers, for example, denote grace, elegance, and youth while lighter shades are synonymous with springtime, which is when these violet plants – such as lilies and hydrangeas – bloom.

Meanwhile, rich, plum-colored flowers signify sophistication, luxury, achievement and high honor. They can also reflect a mature love or intense passion.

Thus, while one flower color is perfect for a youthful love or friendship, the other works better to congratulate a boss or celebrate a significant wedding anniversary or birthday.

What are some purple flower names and meanings?

Now we know what these plants can generally represent, let’s dig down into some specific plants and see what they mean. Here’s a list of some common purple flowers and their symbolic meaning.

  • Roses:
    •  A lavender rose means mystical love and captivation. If it has no thorns, it signifies love at first sight.
    •  A dark purple rose symbolizes majesty and grandeur and was traditionally gifted to kings and queens. Its association with glory ties it also to lasting love and it is often used in wedding anniversaries of 25 years and more.
    • Black roses are associated withdark magic or death
  • Purple lilacs, known as Syringa vulgaris, signify the first feelings of love.
  • Purple daisies have many meanings, including thoughtfulness, spontaneity and peace. They are generally considered a plant that symbolizes unity.
  • Hyacinths, known as Hyacinthus orientalis, symbolize a plea for forgiveness
  • Purple carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) convey capriciousness – use with caution!

Do purple flowers have a spiritual meaning?

These richly-colored plants also carry a more profound meaning. They can signify a deeper spiritual meaning tied to wisdom, a sense of mystic discovery, and inner journeying.

In Buddhism, the purple lotus flower holds tremendous symbolism and is considered sacred.

This color of lotus represents the inner journey, or the Noble Eightfold Path of Mysticism. It symbolizes purity, faithfulness and a spiritual awakening – epitomized by the fact that these plants grow from muddy waters. Thus, the purple variety of lotus is said to hold the key to wisdom, dignity, creativity, royalty, and extravagance.

The Bible also mentions purple flowers several times, including oriental hyacinths and poppies. Violets also represent a repentance from sin in Christianity, with some medieval monks believing violets to be the flowers of the Trinity.

The best purple flowers used in bouquets

Violet, lavender and plum-colored flowers can be used in any number of bouquets to say a myriad of things. To a boss or esteemed colleague you wish to show admiration, honor, and respect to, darkly-colored flowers are the perfect addition to an arrangement. Consider clematis, iris, allium and bellflower.

For wedding anniversaries of 25 years and more or to convey a deep and lasting love, purple flowers are the best option for a celebratory bouquet.

For young or giddy love, lilac flowers – such as daisies, orchids and petunias – are most appropriate to express those youthful, springtime feelings.

Finally, to thank a friend or loved one, the luxurious, velvet petals of lisianthus are exquisite. With their characteristic bell shape, these blooms represent gratitude and appreciation – perfect for a thank you bouquet.

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What does a single purple rose mean?

A single purple rose can signify a new love or even love at first sight.

Do purple flowers represent death?

Violet flowers used to represent death and resurrection though this meaning has changed over time. However, purple flowers are often used in funeral arrangements as they represent sorrow, respect, and sympathy.

What does a purple lotus flower mean?

As mentioned above, this kind of lotus plant represents spiritual awakening and an inner journey.

What purple flower looks like lavender?

The giant hyssop and certain varieties of sage such as the Salvia officinalis, strongly resemble lavender plants.


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