The secret meaning of yellow flowers

The secret meaning of yellow flowers

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Yellow is such a bright, ebullient and magnetic color that it’s little surprise that flowers of this shade carry important significance. In this article we’ll be looking at yellow flowers and their meanings, to help you choose the perfect bouquet for a loved one or even for yourself. After all, we all deserve some more sunshine in our lives!

What does the color yellow represent?

First of all, before we can look at the significance of yellow flowers, we must first look at the symbolism of it as a color. Though it is mistakenly believed to have negative connotations, this color is actually a symbol of optimism, harmony, brilliance, and joy.

Reflecting the same energy and color of the sun, yellow is highly energetic and associated with happiness and friendship.

It is also said to relate to the side of our brain that is responsible for communication and expressing our emotions. It is a color that helps to clarify our ideas and so is often used in meditation to clear any blockages and create an open flow of communication. This is particularly interesting for anyone wishing to use the symbolism of yellow flowers to express themselves, either in their gardens or in a bouquet to someone.

Now we know that this joyful color holds such strong potential for communication, let’s see what yellow flowers can represent when sent as a gift.

What do yellow flowers represent?

Bright sunshine blooms are symbolic of positive feelings of friendship, hope, optimism and energy. These symbols of yellow flowers can be used in a variety of ways to convey different meanings to people according to the situation.

For example, the vibrant intensity of golden flowers makes them a perfect choice for wishing someone who is ill, grieving, or going through a period of sadness, a speedy recovery. A symbol of the sun’s warmth, yellow flowers are an ideal way to cheer up someone who is feeling down.

More so than love or romance, the meaning of yellow flowers is deeply rooted in platonic friendship. Sunshine blooms are typically associated with demonstrating happiness in a friendship and are used to strengthen ties between friends. Their joyful optimism, energy, and hope are said to consolidate relationships so that they can survive difficult times, as well as celebrate all of the joys true friendship can bring.

It is for this reason yellow flowers are so often used in bouquets for friends’ or relatives’ birthdays, well-wishing bouquets or celebrating a friend’s special achievement.

What is the spiritual meaning of yellow flowers?

In ancient Mayan society, yellow flowers were regarded as a symbol of abundance due to their similarity to the color of corn – a staple food for that civilization.

In ancient Greece and Egypt, yellow flowers’ resemblance to the powerful sun imbued them with a strong spiritual and were highly valued.

Meanwhile, in the East, golden flowers signified spiritual enlightenment. For the Japanese, yellow and yellow-colored flowers continue to be considered sacred and associated with royalty.

In South and Central America, yellow flowers possess a strong spiritual meaning in that they symbolize the dead. This is most clearly illustrated on Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico, when the dead are exclusively honored by golden marigolds.

With so many spiritual and profound meanings to choose from, let’s look at some flower bouquets to best communicate your intentions to a friend, relative, or loved one.

The best yellow flower bouquets

Given the multiple meanings of yellow flowers, they are a versatile option for all kinds of bouquets. In fact, you are almost guaranteed to brighten up someone’s day with a bouquet of butter-toned goodness!

Friendship Bouquet

The best way to tell a friend that you are thinking of them and that they make you happy, is to share your joy through the medium of a bright flower bouquet. Yellow roses represent platonic friendship and kindness, making them the best choice for your best friend.

Congratulatory Bouquet

Conveying pride, hope, and admiration for achievement, these amber bouquets are best for any workplace celebration or academic event in a loved one’s life. They can demonstrate your appreciation for your colleagues and your pride in a friend or relative’s professional success. Sunflowers, tulips, and daisies can help you express this with their cheery vigor.

Get Well Soon Bouquet

Finally, as symbols of the sun’s warmth and optimism, these flowers are an ideal gift for anyone who is sick, suffering, or in need of a lift. Brighten up someone’s gloomy day with a posy of butter-toned bulbs that can wish someone a speedy recovery or illuminate some hope within them. Gold tulips are the perfect flower to do this!

Yellow flowers for delivery

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What do yellow flowers mean in a relationship?

If a romantic partner gives their lover yellow flowers, it can symbolize a desire to break up, an uncertainty about whether their love is returned or else an asking for forgiveness.

Do yellow roses mean jealousy?

These flowers used to symbolize jealousy in Victorian times and still retain this meaning in France. However, yellow roses are slowly undergoing a makeover to instead signify friendship and joy.

Do yellow roses mean goodbye?

Yes. Sometimes yellow roses can signify a farewell or a wishing of good luck to someone departing

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