Three of the best flower subscription services

Three of the best flower subscription services

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If you’re a flower lover who wants to have regular blooms in your home but doesn’t have time to get to the florist, why not consider a subscription service instead?

Whether you want a flower delivery for a year or just for a few months of celebrations, there are some incredible companies out there offering farm-fresh and sumptuous subscription arrangements that can be delivered monthly or weekly to your door.

In this article, we’re going to talk you through three of the best – EnjoyFlowers, BloomsyBox, and MonthlyClubs – and look at the best monthly, affordable, and creative packages they offer that are designed to suit every flower lover’s needs and budget.

The best monthly flower subscription

It’s difficult to single out one of these flower subscription services as the best monthly option when each of them offers something different and unique. To determine the best flower delivery subscription for monthly flower deliveries, it really depends on what you’re looking for from a service.

It could be affordability, sustainability, or creativity that decides which is the best monthly floral subscription for you. However, having said that, here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the main pros and cons of these three providers.

For an affordable flower subscription, Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club by MonthlyClubs is the most inexpensive option, with monthly arrangements beginning at $38.95, excluding shipping and handling fees. This is also a great choice for anyone who loves having flowers in the house but perhaps doesn’t know too much about them, or even what their own taste or preference is.

Flower of the Month Club subscriptions are best for simplicity and stress-free floral delivery, delivering seasonal arrangements to your door on a monthly basis.

For those looking for a bit more variety and who enjoy selecting their own arrangements, the choice and diversity of BloomsyBoxis definitely a great fresh flower delivery subscription. This subscription offers a unique range of creative floral mixes that are arranged and packed daily to ensure that every month, you can receive the freshest and most vibrant of bouquets.

Offering different sizes and subscription packages, BloomsyBox offers an opportunity to tailor your delivery specific to your taste and budget. From a cheap monthly flower subscription in the form of its BloomsyBox Original package to more extravagant Deluxe and Premium options, BloomsyBox offers a world of farm-fresh, floral delight.

Best biweekly flower delivery

For enthusiasts who feel a month is too long to go between floral drops, there are some great subscriptions that also offer fortnightly plans.

BloomsyBox Bi-weekly is a subscription service that delivers farm-fresh blooms twice a month at a price of $49.99 each. As ever with BloomsyBox, these are seasonal, sustainably sourced bouquets sent straight from their eco-friendly farms straight to your door.

While this is a more expensive option than a monthly plan, the quality and variety of BloomsyBox makes it a perfect choice for anyone who can afford it – explore your bi-weekly options here.

EnjoyFlowers also offers a bi-weekly service for the earnest and enthusiastic. Choose from anyone of their three collections and receive an artist-designed, surprise bouquet. Or, if choosing the DIY option, 20-40 stems of premium blooms that you can arrange yourself. Shipping is also included in their quote price so there’s no nasty hidden extras at the checkout.

Flower arranging subscription

For the truly hands-on who want to give flower arranging a go, the best flower subscription service is undoubtedly EnjoyFlowers. This floral delivery service offers a unique DIY collection. Subscription users will receive a monthly or fortnightly delivery of 20, 30, or 40 beautiful stems that they can then arrange as they wish.

With new varieties and palettes to play with each month, this is a fantastic option for any flower lover seeking to let their inner artist out.

Daily flowers delivery

Unfortunately, none of these subscription services offer a daily flowers delivery option. For many, a weekly flowers’ delivery is simply too expensive to be sustainable.

However, if you have your heart set on receiving fresh flowers daily, a subscription company like BloomsyBoxis a good place to start as they are one of the few subscription companies to offer next day delivery options. Ordering before 1pm ET, Monday through Thursday will guarantee you a fresh supply of blooms daily!

Best flower subscription boxes

So, which one is the best overall subscription option? While there are so many advantages to each of these three stellar subscription services, for variety, quality, and flexibility, BloomsyBox is certainly a cut above the rest.

One of the best things about BloomsyBox is that it’s not just an automatic flower delivery service, which many subscription options are. With BloomsyBox, you can get next day delivery if you order before 1pm Monday-Thursday – perfect for the last minute present buyer.

Their focus on sustainability and cutting out the middleman to provide ethical, farm-fresh blooms right across the country is equally impressive.

Finally, the sheer variety – from the kind of flowers available to the different subscription options for every budget – makes them a tough competitor for any subscription business. While not always the cheapest option, it’s hard to beat BloomsyBox on quality, variety, or flexibility.

Truthfully, any one of these subscription services is sure to bring untold joy to your home with quarterly, monthly, or even weekly deliveries of vibrant, fragrant blooms. Take the stress out of buying flowers and instead give yourself the gift of a six-month flower subscription with EnjoyFlowers, BloomsyBox, or MonthlyClubs– you won’t regret it!

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