What Flower Represents the Taurus Zodiac Sign?

What Flower Represents the Taurus Zodiac Sign?

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Did you know that there is a special birth flower for the Taurus Zodiac sign?

Have you ever felt drawn to some flowers over others? Has something about a flower’s colours, shape or even the pattern of its leaves seemed to resonate with you – calming or exciting you – in a way that felt unexplainable? Well, one reason you might prefer lilies to tulips, daffodils over daisies could be explained by astrology.

For every star sign in the Zodiac, there is a corresponding flower that aligns with that sign, embodying its traits and nuances. If you’re wondering what the Taurus birth flower is, wonder no more! 

In this article, we’ll be looking at the Taurus flower constellation, and finding out: 

·   What is the Taurus Zodiac sign?

·   The characteristics of Taurus

·   The Taurus Zodiac flower

·   Other birth flowers for Taurus

·   Great flower delivery services for the Taurus in your life

What is the Taurus Zodiac sign?

The Taurus Zodiac sign governs from approximately April 21 – May 21. It is epitomised by the Bull, which signifies strength, stubbornness and a hardworking practicality.

Like Virgo, it is an earth sign and therefore has the ability to remain practical, level-headed and grounded through whatever life throws at them. As an earth sign, it is therefore natural that Taurus signs enjoy working with their hands and gardening.

Famous Taureans include Adele, Dwayne Johnson and Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II. These celebrities highlight the signature traits of a classic Taurus: strong and ambitious, confident and grounded, and, much like the bull which is their sign symbol, often quite headstrong!

Characteristics of Taurus

As we will see from the Taurus flower symbol, while Taureans are strong and focused, they equally love to pamper themselves and those around them. They value money and material things but are not afraid to work for them. In fact, Taurus signs are known for their diligence in completing tasks and their ability to graft.

What can be perceived as stubbornness is often intense commitment: Taureans are fiercely loyal and dedicated to pampering the ones they love (and themselves!) They revel in being surrounded by love and beauty and enjoy the finer things in life. It is little wonder then that a Taurus is typically renowned for their vibrant and positive outlook on life.

Have you guessed what the Taurus birth flower is yet? Time to find out the flower for the Taurus sign.

Taurus Zodiac flowers

With such a description, is it any wonder that the Taurus flower symbol is the vibrant but headstrong poppy? Technically a weed, poppies are known for growing even in the most inhospitable of landscapes.

Resilient and fiercely beautiful, the poppy stands its ground, keeping its head up in adversity and brightening up every scene with its signature red petals. It embodies the two main traits associated with this birth sign: stability and strength. Bold and confident, the poppy is the cheerful and unmistakable Taurus flower symbol.

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Other birth flowers for Taurus

Taurus has other favourite flowers that can be associated with their sign. For example, lilies and roses are also Taurus flowers.

When lilies are planted in a certain area, they will bloom year after year in the same resilient, stable nature of a Taurus. Roses too are a flower that combines the confident beauty of a Taurus with its sometimes intimidating strength. Much like a Taurean, neither of these regal flowers are moving without a fight!

Great flower delivery services for the Taurus in your life

The good news is both of these flowers make beautiful bouquets for loved ones. Whether you are congratulating a Taurus on their recent promotion or celebrating a birthday, you can make the occasion truly special by gifting them a sumptuous bunch of elegant lilies or regal roses. 

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What plant is lucky for Taurus?

Taureans adore any flowering plant because of their love for beauty and elegance. Combined with their sturdiness, the resilient elegance of a fern is considered lucky for Taurus. Sage and lavender are also considered lucky for this Earth sign.

What is the tree for Taurus?

The robust but lovely Moringa tree is aligned with Taurus. With seeds, flowers and even roots that are edible, the Moringa channels the ambition and pragmatism of Taurus. Furthermore, its fruit is rumoured to be an aphrodisiac, which of course aligns with Taureans’ desire for love.

What herbs are associated with Taurus?

The herbs aligned with Taurus are generally sweet – including mint, thyme, violet and marsh mallow.

Are there flowers Taurus doesn’t like?

Taurus signs, as discussed, are focused and headstrong individuals who dislike ambiguity or mystery. Therefore the dramatic enigma of geraniums – often linked to the Scorpio sign which opposes Taurus – clash with Taurus values. Their many petals, flashing new sides and colours create discomfort for the grounded Taurus.

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