What is the Leo Birth Flower?

What is the Leo Birth Flower?

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Zodiac flowers are the flowers that best align with your star sign, representing your innate characteristics and helping to bring out and augment your true inner self. Surrounding yourself with your birth flower brings you luck, balance, and inspiration, as well as much joy!

It can be a simple way to add even more beauty and symbolism to your garden and home. So what is the Zodiac birth flower for the fiery Leo? What are this star sign’s characteristics and how can we align our plants and flowers to them? Get the answers in this Leo flower guide.

In this article, we will cover:

·       When does the Leo star sign fall?

·       What are Leo characteristics?

·       What is the Leo birth flower?

·       Other flowers for the Leo sign

·       The best flower bouquets for Leo

When does the Leo star sign fall?

Leos are the star sign born between July 23-August 22. The fifth sign of the Zodiac, Leo is a fire sign that is ruled by the Sun. Having the Sun as its ruler perfectly encapsulates Leos’ love of attention and their belief that they are the centre of the universe! 

This double whammy of intense fire with sun as ruler and falling under a fire sign is visible in the passion so easily ignited in Leos. They are capable of incredible warmth, loyalty, and confidence.

What are Leo’s characteristics?

As we’ve already highlighted, Leos are incredibly warm and filled with energy and vitality. This sign of the zodiac is a born leader and will always establish themselves as the boss in any situation. They love to perform and are eager for the attention and admiration of others.

They are also very protective, fiercely loyal, and generally great company to be around – always bringing out the best in others with their characteristic humour. Spreaders of sunshine, they love nothing more than creating a space for others to bask in the gloriousness of their gregarious and vibrant personality.

With such a definition, is it any surprise Barack Obama is a Leo? You’ll find many famous people also share this sign and are typically known for the trademark Leo confidence and charm.  Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Mick Jagger are just some other quick examples.

What is the Leo birth flower?

Thus, it is only natural that the flower for the Leo sign is the cheerful and showstopping sunflower. Its resemblance to the sun with its fiery blooms is just one reason this flower is aligned with the Zodiac sign that is also ruled by the sun. Just as sunflowers turn their faces towards the sun in an act of both loyalty and confidence, so too do Leo’s step into the limelight and enjoy being the centre of attention.

The strong fearlessness of a sunflower and its infinite ability to put smiles on the faces of those around them make this the perfect zodiac flower for Leos. It also doesn’t hurt that sunflowers tend to dominate any garden, towering over all other flowers – much like the magnetic Leos who always consider themselves to be the leaders of the pack.

Other flowers for the Leo sign

In fact, for those August Leos, there are several birth flowers. What are these Leo flowers? Let’s find out!


Marigolds, also known as the “herbs of the sun”, reflect the positive energy that Leo’s epitomise. Their bright golden colour again represents the fiery exuberance of the sun. Adding a batch of marigolds to your home will amplify the happiness Leos exude – why not treat yourself or a loved one to a monthly drop of laughing marigolds with a flower subscription at BloomsyBox, MonthlyClubs, or EnjoyFlowers.


The lion-headed Dahlia shares many Leo characteristics. Bright, bold, beautiful, and definitely no wallflower, dahlias are synonymous with the vivacity and eclipsing energy of Leos. Best of all, they are at their boldest blooms during Leo season in July and August.

The best plants to represent a Leo

If you are looking for plants to liven up your home that will bring luck, energy and inspiration to a Leo, look no further than a Rex Begonia. 

These showstopping plants are bursting with colorful personality and know how to command the attention of those around them. Leos love to make a statement and nothing does this better in the plant world than a Rex Begonia.

The fact these plants are fairly self-sufficient also appeals to the independent nature of Leos who prefer to lead. Find your perfect Rex Begonia at Plants.com.

The best flower bouquets for Leo

Now we know Leos’ favourite flowers, finding the perfect bouquet couldn’t be easier! Choose sunflowers, dahlias or marigolds as your centrepiece for a stunning arrangement the Leo in your life will love! Failing that, choose Leo’s lucky colours – bright oranges, yellows, and reds – anything that will reflect the inferno within this sun-ruled zodiac sign.

Find stunning bouquets with Leo Zodiac flowers at any one of these amazing flower delivery specialists: 

Now you know what the Leo flower is, you are ready to bring some of its captivating charm and cheer to your home. Happy flower-picking!

Which Colour is lucky for Leo?

As a fire sign, is It any wonder lucky colours for Leo are the bright colours of orange, yellow, red, gold and cream? In fact, this star sign’s lucky colour is the same colours as its birth flowers and even of its spirit animal, the proud lion.

What is the birthstone for Leo?

Leo’s birthstone is Peridot. Peridot is green and means purpose and focus. Ruby and Amber are also considered lucky for this star sign.

What is a Leo’s spirit animal?

This sign’s spirit animal could only be the fierce lion. A born leader that exudes a luxurious confidence that is intoxicating to watch, lions perfectly encapsulate the charismatic and regal Leo.  

Is the Sunflower a Leo?

Yes! Bright and cheerful, the sunflower is considered to represent the Leo sign.

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