What is the meaning behind tulips?

What is the meaning behind tulips?

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Of the many flowers out there, few contain as many different shades and varieties as tulips. Bright and boisterous or delicate and elegant, all the colors of tulips display an intoxicating vivacity and beauty that has solidified these flowers as one of the most popular in the world.

So prized are these blooms that, in the 17th century in the Netherlands, they were more valuable than many people’s homes. Aside from their colors, however, is there a more symbolic meaning behind tulips? Let’s find out. Here’s your guide to the meaning behind each flower (and some tips on the best florists to order your bouquet full of loving meaning now!)

What does a tulip represent?

In general, it is agreed that these flowers in any color have meanings of love and the beginning of spring. They also have a medical meaning, being a symbol of the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation since 1980 and there is even a variety that now carries the name of James Parkinson, the doctor after whom the disease is named.

The stunning symmetry of its petals has often been seen to represent a perfect kind of love. Thus, to express true and unconditional devotion, tulips are the perfect gift for a lover, parent, sibling, friend or even for yourself!

Blue tulips’ meaning

Despite the many different colors of tulips, there is one color that doesn’t exist naturally amongst these flowers: blue. Blue tulips do not occur in nature however, they can be artificially created and some hybridized versions of lilacs and indigos are considered to pass as “blue”.

Despite not existing naturally, these blue varieties continue to have a meaning in the language of flowers. They represent peace and tranquility and are generally used to convey a sense of trust and loyalty. Additionally, because of their uniqueness, they similarly carry meanings of individuality and are a perfect gift for that person who is one-of-a-kind.

What is the meaning of orange tulips?

As orange is the color of happiness, orange tulips similarly echo the meaning of this sunshine shade. They mean warmth and joy.

Given that orange is a mix of yellow and red it’s little wonder that the meaning of orange tulips is equally a hybrid of yellow and red color meanings. Mixing the happiness between friends and the passion of romantic love, orange blooms also symbolize the connection between two people and a sense of mutual understanding and appreciation.

So, to feel connected to someone while expressing your warm appreciation for and understanding of them, gift them a bouquet of these bright orange blossoms. Use1800 Flowers for a truly beautiful bouquet that will make that special someone feel desired, seen, and valued.

The meaning of purple tulips

As we know, purple has always historically been a royal color and means elegance, nobility, and wealth. Purple tulips’ meaning echoes this, symbolizing royalty. In Ukrainian artworks, they are also associated with rebirth and spring.

The meaning of red tulips

It should come as no surprise that the deep crimson hues of red tulips have, of course, meanings tied to the passions and devotions of love. Like most flowers, their meaning is purely romantic. This flower represents love, passion and lust and is therefore often popular with younger and newer couples.

The other meaning of red varieties is a belief in love or proof that a lover’s feelings are true. Therefore, these tulips are said to symbolize true love.

The meaning of white tulips

If seeking forgiveness, nothing says “I’m sorry” better than a bouquet of these white flowers. As well as apologies and redemption, the remembrance and respect white tulips symbolize also means they are popular flowers for funerals or to express condolences to a family experiencing grief.

Having a meaning of innocence, humility and purity, these blooms are also a great gift for someone celebrating a religious milestone or about to begin a fresh start.

Order a sumptuous bouquet of white tulips atFromYouFlowers for a meaningful and symbolic gift.

The meaning of yellow tulips

Interestingly, of all the colors available, the yellow ‘Strong Gold’ flower is by far the most popular variety. It is interesting that a yellow shade is the most popular when historically, yellow tulips had a negative meaning, symbolizing hopeless or rejected love and jealousy.

Time has worked its magic though and this despondent meaning has since been overtaken by far more upbeat and hopeful connotations. Now, yellow tulips are more likely to mean cheerfulness, hope, and happiness. 

They are commonly agreed to have a meaning of friendship and are typically given as a “just-because” gift to brighten up a loved one’s day. In the Victorian language of floriography, the chirpy butter yellow of these tulips was literally thought to mean “there is sunshine in your smile” and so was given to anyone with a radiant grin.

If there is someone in your life with such a smile, order them a bunch of fresh yellow tulips with same-day delivery atSendFlowers. Or, to bring yourself a little luck, plant some yellow tulips in your front yard for good luck and prosperity.

Pink tulips meaning

The dusky petals of pink varieties have a lovely meaning. They are considered to mean perfect happiness and even share some similar meanings with their close cousin, the red tulip, around love and attachment. These tulips convey care and affection.

Their meaning is also to offer congratulations and best wishes. Surprise someone celebrating a job promotion, graduation, the safe arrival of a new baby, or a new personal milestone with a big bouquet of tulips. They are sure to send them your best wishes and a pinch of good luck!

And there you have it! As you can see there is truly a tulip with a special meaning for every kind of occasion. Plant some in your garden, send some to a friend, buy a bunch for yourself and spread some love and joy with this perfect flower.

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