What is the Virgo Zodiac Flower?

What is the Virgo Zodiac Flower?

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We all know our star signs and the characteristics they colour our personalities with - the fieriness of an Aries, the passion of a Scorpio - but did you know that we each have our own zodiac flower? Yes, as well as being aligned with a gemstone or crystal, our zodiac sign is equally drawn to particular flora that both symbolise and augment our truest selves.

Zodiac flowers are the blooms that best symbolise the key traits of our star sign and align with our celestial selves. They are also the flowers we are most drawn to, as they reflect our personalities and energies in a way that can soothe or excite us.  

In this article, we will be looking at the zodiac flower for Virgos. So, if you’re a Virgo looking to find your Virgo birth flower, continue reading to know the lucky flower for you.

We will be looking at:

  • What is the Virgo star sign?
  • Virgo characteristics 
  • Virgo zodiac flowers
  • Other birth flowers for Virgos
  • The best flower bouquets for Virgos

What is the Virgo star sign

Virgo governs the period from August 22 to September 23 and is the sixth sign of the Zodiac. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is a mutable earth sign, so it is no surprise they have a strong connection to plants and flowers. 

In fact, Virgos are represented by a young maiden holding a sheaf ofwheat. This young maiden is synonymous with fertility and agriculture. Thus, Virgo is a sign associated with harvesting - which is unsurprising given the time of year the Zodiac sign governs. Many Virgos are therefore in close communion with nature and are avid gardeners.

Virgo characteristics

Virgos are known for their attention to detail, thoughtfulness, modesty and all-consuming desire for perfection.

Possessing a positive approach to life, Virgos are also bright and bubbly but rarely feel the need to show off. Organized, neat, and exacting, Virgos might take some time to get to know but once you break through their industrious exterior, you will find them wise, witty, and boundlessly dedicated. Their spirit animal is the loyal and independent Bear.

Given their perfectionist nature, it is no surprise that many of our favourite actors, musicians, and idols are Virgos. Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Van Morrison, Keanu Reeves and even Mother Teresa all share this Zodiac sign, and it is their dedicated attention to detail that is often celebrated as one of the integral sources of their success.

Virgo Zodiac flower

So what is a Virgo’s birth flower? The chrysanthemum – particularly purple and yellow varieties – is considered to be the favourite flower for Virgo.

Chrysanthemums encapsulate the bubbly positivity of Virgos. Their understated modesty – they are bright, not brash, pleasant without being ostentatious – speaks to the humble nature of this diligent and loyal sign.

Most importantly however, when we take a closer look at a chrysanthemum (which we don’t do often enough), we find a sophisticated structure and design with a love of order at its heart. Each individual flower contains a collection of perfectly (and neatly) arranged petals – a beautiful reflection of the perfectionist nature of any Virgo.

It is for this reason the chrysanthemum is the Virgo flower sign.

Other birth flowers for Virgos

Virgos are also aligned with other plants including narcissus, aster, violet and daisies.

As you can see, all of these flowers are small, dainty, and have petals that are neatly arranged and intricately detailed. This strongly reflects Virgos’ characteristics, making these kinds of subtle yet pretty blooms Virgos’ favourite flowers.

When choosing colours, yellow and blue best represent and resonate with this star sign.

The best flower bouquets for Virgos

The organised and perfection-seeking Virgos will best appreciate tidy bouquets that honour a sense of order.

Virgos prioritise order and modesty so wild, showy and vibrant-coloured blooms will not suit this star sign. As a general rule, red flowers are distracting, discomfiting and confronting for Virgos.

If wanting to surprise or celebrate a special Virgo in your life, choose a bouquet that is elegant and coordinated with subtle colours of preferably yellows, purples, earthy browns and blues. Avoid a wild look of frothing leaves and clashing, uncoordinated colours.

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Some more information about Virgo flower constellations:


Which plant is lucky for Virgo?

Virgos traits include humility, dedication, and a love of detail. Therefore small, simple plants with surprising detail in the form of finely divided leaves and sweet, perky flowers are lucky for Virgos, drawing out their industrious and hard-working qualities.

Aster plants, particularly those with purple flowers to represent a Virgo’s love of wisdom, are lucky for this star sign.  Sansevieria or the snake plant is also lucky – again channelling the seeming shyness of the virgo sign yet, when you look closely at its long, dual-coloured leaves, you see its passion for detailed beauty and precision. Find the perfect Virgo plant at plant sites such as Plants.com

What is the tree for Virgo?

The efficient, clever and organized Hazel tree is perhaps most aligned with the particularity of Virgos. A small tree with detailed leaves and intricate flowers, this unassuming shrub reflects the hardworking, conservative and practical nature of Virgos.

What herbs are associated with Virgo?

The fine, exacting detail of dill marks it out as a herb synonymous with virgo signs. Parsley, fennel, caraway and mint are also associated with the sign.

What flowers don’t Virgos like?

Carnations – both for their bold, chaotic brashness and their intense red colour – are opposing to Virgo signs.

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