What kind of flowers do you give a man?

What kind of flowers do you give a man?

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In an age where gender equality has never been more important, why can’t we treat the men in our lives to a truly beautiful bouquet that expresses how much we love, admire, respect, or appreciate them?

It seems unfair to deprive half of the population of the cheering effect of flowers or the symbolic messages they can convey. However, is it possible to send men flowers? Do men like them? In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about sending a man flowers – from whether they like them to what kind of blooms are perfect for romantic gestures or special occasions.

So, if you’ve ever asked yourself ‘should I get flowers for my husband?’ or you’ve wondered, ‘is it weird if I buy flowers for my boyfriend?’, this article is for you.

Can you send a man flowers?

Many people often think that bouquets are only acceptable gifts for women. Too often, we don’t treat the men in our life to gifts of flowers because we are worried that they won’t like them or that we might embarrass them.

We can dither over arrangements online – like the sumptuous ones available at FromYouFlowers – wondering: ‘is it ok to send flowers to a man?’

If this has been you, worry no more! We’re here to tell you that you can not only send a man – any man! – flowers but they are almost guaranteed to appreciate and adore them.

Do men like to receive flowers?

Do men like flowers, though? Of course! The joy of freshly-cut blooms and their mood-boosting properties are as effective on every gender - including men - as they are on women. It has been proven that flowers can improve someone’s mood and increase their productivity by 15% - why would you deprive a man, be he father, friend, or boyfriend of this brightening benefit?

Add to this the welcome delight of surprising a man with a bouquet and you’ve just answered the often-asked question, do guys like flowers as gifts?

The answer – yes! However, there are definitely some flowers that are more likely to appeal to men than others. Let’s take a look at the kinds of blooms a man will like.

What kind of flowers do you give a man?

It’s true, there are more manly flowers than others. As much as we’ve progressed in terms of breaking down gender barriers, some old tropes still exist and presenting a man, regardless of whether he’s a male friend, partner or dad with a big posy of pink blooms and baby’s breath probably won’t go down as well as it would with a female friend.

So, to ensure your bouquet will go down a treat, here’s our guide to the best kinds of blossoms to give the men in your life, regardless of the occasion.

Firstly, as previously mentioned, color is important for a man. It’s generally best to avoid pastel shades and instead opt for bright, bold, and darker colors. Maroons, purples, and deep reds can all work well for men while bright yellow – like the color of sunflowers or gerberas – are also great options to express gratitude to a platonic male friend.

Secondly, the shape of the flowers is also important for men. Similar to bright and loud colors, men also seem to appreciate flowers in bolder and larger shapes. Petals with strong structural shapes are particularly attractive to men so choose robust varieties like sunflowers, tulips, orchids, or birds of paradise.

Additionally, it’s helpful to consider the fragrance of the flowers you’re choosing. Again, avoid more traditionally feminine fragrances and go for something like carnations, that not only offer bold-colored varieties but that also have a husky, clove-like scent. Fresh, sharp, citrusy fragrances will also be more likely to make sure your flowers are a hit!

Can I give flowers to my boyfriend?

Buying flowers for your boyfriend is a lovely way to celebrate an anniversary, express your love or appreciation, celebrate their achievements or simply cheer them up after a long day. Just as women often receive flowers from their partners for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or other holidays, men too can enjoy a bouquet from their girlfriends.

What’s the best bouquet of flowers for a boyfriend?

Send Flowers is an amazing flower delivery service that has you covered for ensuring you get a boyfriend or partner the ultimate bouquet. For boyfriends, or new and blossoming relationships, SendFlowers advises against huge, showy arrangements.

Their advice is to avoid any potential discomfort in the early stages of a relationship by choosing something as simple as a single rose. Roses will always be a universal symbol of romance and blossoming love and so one single flower is enough to show a man exactly how you feel without putting too much pressure on the new relationship.

Find the perfect rose for your perfect man at SendFlowers.

Romantic flowers for him

With romance on the brain, here are some other blooms that make a perfect romantic gift for a man.

Despite its misleading name, Lady’s mantle is often considered a flower for men due to its subtle green coloring. Include it in a floral arrangement for a bold, bright, romantic statement.

Dahlias are generally considered to be blooms symbolic of the lasting bond and commitment between two people and are therefore a perfect gift option for a wife to give to a husband. Again, the deliciously dark colors of some dahlia varieties add to this flower’s suitability for a male partner.

Finally, roses for men will always be a solid choice. If you are trying to show a man how much you love them, a dark red rose will say it best. Spoil him with a luscious bouquet from 1800Flowers or choose minimalist chic with a single stem.

So, don’t wait, send him flowers now!

Alternatively, don’t forget to tailor your floral choices to your partner, father’s or friend’s specific tastes. If he’s more of a plant dude, why not give him a glorious succulent or easy-to-maintain spider plant from Plants.com.

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