Where to order get well flowers with fast delivery

Where to order get well flowers with fast delivery

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Written by Hannah Kingston on July 13, 2021 

Looking for the perfect bunch of “get well soon” flowers? 

Read on to find out the best flowers to cheer someone up when they’re feeling poorly,  where to order get well soon flowers with fast delivery, the etiquette on sending get well soon flowers to hospital as well as get well soon card messages. 

What flowers are best for get well soon?

When someone is feeling poorly, you want to swoop to the rescue with some cheer. That is why bright, cheerful flowers are always the best options when it comes to cheering someone up. 

Some of the best get well soon flowers include: 

  • Lavender
  • Gerbera
  • Lilies
  • Tulips
  • Roses
  • Calendula
  • Passionflower
  • Sunflower
  • Jasmine
  • Echinacea
  • Hawthorn 



Lavender is said to have healing properties and has a gorgeous relaxing scent. Lavender infused mists and essential oils may be used to help manage insomnia, anxiety and stress. Lavender also has a lovely relaxing colour so it is a great choice either as a standalone bouquet or as part of a larger bouquet. 



Gerberas are happy bright colours that require minimum maintenance. They are a great option for lifting a loved one’s spirits. 



Lilies have a sweet scent and are big and bold.  They make an eye-catching addition to any get well soon arrangement.


Tulips are a great fragrance-free option, but they still provide visual cheerfulness for those who are currently suffering or are on the mend. 


Roses symbolize love, so they are a great option for showing affection to someone who is poorly. You may not know that roses also have great medicinal properties. According to Teleflora, “roses contain a great deal of vitamin C, an important antioxidant for overall health and fighting some more serious conditions like heart disease and stroke. Rose petals can help increase circulation, fight depression and anxiety, relieve infections and combat viruses.”



​Calendula are another vibrantly coloured healing flower. In olden days calendula petals were used to heal cuts, burns and wounds. Calendula contain glycosides that are known to have an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula is also commonly used to heal many skin conditions, including rashes, acne and athlete’s foot. 



Passionflowers are said to have a positive impact on health conditions such as stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety and panic. As well as being visually beautiful, flowers are said to help those with asthma, shingles and epilepsy. 



Is there a flower out there more cheerful than the sun-flower? Sun-flowers are a wonderful option when wishing someone a speedy recover. Sunflowers symbolise  strength, longevity, and good fortune which makes them a great choice for someone who is unwell. 



Jasmine is another healing plant, and it is very calming to look at. Jasmine eases many body aches and cramps and can also benefit the digestive system. People use jasmine to manage ulcers and indigestion, along with anxiety and sleep issues.​​​


Echinacea was once used Native American tribes to heal wounds and diseases that afflicted them. Echinacea is often an ingredient in medicines used to treat colds and the flu. It is also vibrant and aesthetically pleasing. 



Hawthorn are a member of the rose family. Hawthorn contains antioxidants that have amazing heart-health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, improving circulation and even strengthening the heart muscle. Hawthorn is recommended for use by seniors with a history of heart disease in their family.

Where can you get “get well soon” flowers?

Some of our top picks for get well soon flowers include: 

Best practices for sending get well soon flowers to hospital

If you are sending get well soon flowers to a hospital, it may involve a little bit more effort than sending them to someone’s home, particularly because the person you are sending them to could be quite sick. 

Here are some things to consider before sending get well soon flowers to hospital: 

  • Ring ahead to ask the hospital if they will accept a bouquet of flowers. 
  • Consider whether or not the bouquet of flowers should have a smell or not. 
  • Chose flowers that are low maintenance and long-lasting to ensure that the person receiving them will not have to look after them too much while they are recovering. 
  • Choose a cheerful bunch of blooms to help cheer your loved one up. 
  • Choose hypoallergenic blooms that will not cause the allergy-prone to suffer.
  • Chose compact bouquets to ensure that they can comfortably fit in the hospital room. 
  • Consider whether or not you should include a vase. Most good flower delivery services offer vases or containers as part of their service. 

What is a good get well plant?

Spider Plant

Spider plants are  low-pollen and easy care. They help to brighten up a room by bringing some nature indoors, they are also great for purifying the air.


Monstera’s only need to be watered once a week. They help to clean the air and provide a lovely leafy feel to any room. 

Snake plant 

Snake plants offer the same benefits as the monstera, however, they can come in smaller sizes if you’re looking for a more compact plant gift for your loved one. 


Orchids are a wonderful flowering option. Orchids are easy to care for, and available in an array of stunning colours.

Peace Lily

The foliage that comes with a peace lily helps to reduce toxins in the air. They’re also visually gorgeous. 

Get well soon card messages

Sending get well soon messages can be difficult. Sometimes finding the right words to say can be a struggle because it’s hard to relate to the person who is suffering. 

Here are some ideas on getting get well soon card messages right: 

  • I am sorry to hear that  you are not feeling well. I am wishing you to have a complete and quick recovery.
  • Get well soon. We miss you. 
  • Sending you so much love and good wishes while you are on the mend.
  • So sorry to hear that you have been feeling unwell, we’re wishing you a speedy recovery. 
  • My thoughts are with you. Get well soon!
  • Hope your surgery goes well and that your recovery is quick!



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