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Have you been looking for the perfect online plant delivery service that can deliver low-maintenance but stunning shrubs and greenery straight to your door? Have you heard of the innovative products at but want to know if this business, when reviewed, really lives up to the hype?

Look no further! Here’s the Easyplant review you’ve been waiting for. Answering the most common FAQs and review queries about this delivery service, this Easyplant review will cover:​​​​​

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What is Easyplant?

This online plant delivery service was created to help anyone who found keeping houseplants alive a difficult task. Knowing how easy it is to give your varying greenery too little or too much water, Easyplant decided to solve both problems with one simple and stylish solution: a self-watering pot that will keep any plant healthy and happy with minimal care from its owner!

Growing all of its offerings in Florida, Easyplant delivers pre-potted shrubs of all shapes and sizes and complete with a detailed care card tailored to its species, direct to your doorstep. Inside each of these pots you have a state-of-the-art watering system that delivers water directly to the plant’s roots. 

This reservoir, which ensures your shrubbery will only drink water as it needs it, eliminates the chance for overwatering or underwatering. So that, when your order arrives at your door, all you need to do is unbox it, water it, and enjoy.


But is it really that easy? Do these low-maintenance houseplants really live up to the hype? Can stellar Easyplant reviews be believed? Keep reading this Easyplant review to find out!

How does Easyplant work?

Easyplant is a patented solution to the issue of watering plants too much or too little. With its special technology, this company uses a water reservoir system that carries water from the reservoir to the bottom layer of soil - directly to the root of your houseplant! 

That’s why there’s never a risk of over watering as the watering system automatically delivers the right amount of water straight to the root. This guarantees greenery that is healthy, happy, thriving, and therefore delivering all of the mood-boosting and air-purifying benefits we need.

Pros and cons review of Easyplants

Pros Review:

  • Offers low-maintenance plants with self-watering feature that eliminates the chance for over- or under-watered shrubs
  • Fast and free USP delivery of your chosen plants within 4-9 business days
  • Easy-to-use website that makes finding the perfect plant quick and hassle-free
  • A review of Easyplants shows they have a wide range of plant types, sizes, and care requirements making them accessible to every budget, lifestyle, and plant-caring ability
  • Free replacement of refund for damaged plants within the first three months

Cons Review

  • Only offers shipping to the 48 contiguous states in the US
  • Doesn’t currently offer gift card or package options
  • Some of their plant products are more expensive than competitors

Review of Easyplant products and sizes

Easyplant makes it really easy to review their online offering so you can quickly find the perfect plant or even plant collection for your home. The website categorizes its plants according to size, with plants additionally and helpfully marked with pet-friendly and low-light tags you can easily find a suitable item for your specific needs.

This online store offers four different sizes of plants that come in stylish ceramic pots. These are Small ($49), Medium without a stand ($79), Medium with a stand ($89), Large ($189), and Huge ($249). Each accompanying pot is designed to accentuate and support each size of plant.  


Easyplant also offers a variety of colors choose from when it comes to pot accessories which you can review and choose on their website. From eggshell to pastel pink and vibrant yellow, there’s not only a plant for every household or taste, there’s a pot too!

Each plant you purchase will come planted in premium soil in a self-watering, ceramic pot. These use proven Waterwick TM technology to optimize water consumption.

Finally, if you’re looking to transform your home into a green oasis, Easyplant also offers a collections range, so you can purchase carefully curated groups of plants to perfectly ornament your home or office. We particularly like their pet-friendly collection. To find out more about the best plants for a pet-loving household, read this.

Where does Easyplant deliver to?

One con for this review of Easyplant is the fact that they currently can only ship to the 48 contiguous United States. However, the website says that this is only temporary and this business hopes to include more locations in the near future so stay tuned!

How does Easyplant deliver?

Easyplant uses UPS shipping to deliver its plants, guaranteeing that your order will arrive directly to your door quickly and safely (usually within 4-9 business days). Once you place your order on its website, a tracking link will be sent directly to the email address you used to place your order as soon as your plant leaves its facility. This guarantees reliability and reassurance that your plant will be in good hands as it makes its way towards you.

To avoid plant damage en route to its new home, Easyplant has several preventative and protective measures in place. Firstly, Easyplant does sometimes delay its shipping if there’s a chance of adverse weather conditions that will affect the plant’s wellbeing. The company reviews orders and weather forecasts on a daily basis to assess if any product might suffer during its journey. 

However, if this is the case, Easyplant has exceptional customer service that will reach out by email and let you know that your shipment has been postponed until they are sure it will arrive at your door healthy and happy. 

If you’re worried about not being at home when your plant is being delivered, Easyplant has a simple solution to this too! This business gives customers the option to have their items delivered to a designated access point for those occasions you’re not at home. This ensures your plant will stay safe and warm until you’re able to pick it up.

Finally, the products themselves are uniquely and lovingly packaged in specially-designed boxes to withstand any shipping mishaps. There is a base box that cushions the pot and a spacious box that creates extra space to prevent damage to the plant itself.


Review of Easyplant payment options

Easyplant accepts all major credit cards, along with Google Pay and Shop Pay. If you choose the former credit card option, you simply enter your card details and shipping info in the Checkout sheet. If you choose Google Pay or Shop Pay you have the easy option of express checkout.

Finally, one thing this review really likes about Easyplant is that it also gives customers the option to pay in installments with Shop Pay, making it accessible for anyone on a budget.

Review of Easyplant returns policy

This review found that Easyplant has a great customer care ethos that is determined to ensure all of its customers and plants are happy and satisfied. To this end, whether it’s a damaged plant, a damaged pot, or a damaged watering system, Easyplant will do what it can to make it right.

It therefore affirms that it will either offer a full refund or a replacement option for any easyplant that has any damage or trouble within the first three months of purchase. This is a significant promise that far exceeds that of many other competitors. Simply contact them via the direct chat option on their website or outline your problem in an email to

Who can I contact if there’s a problem with my Easyplant order?

The point of easy plants is that you won’t have any issue with them as they almost entirely look after themselves! However, should you need to contact them for any reason, Easyplant can be reached either directly by email at or you can chat with them via a live message box on their website.


Overall review of this online houseplant delivery service

In conclusion of this review, we think Easyplant is the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one – particularly if you are new to plant care and worried about looking after high-maintenance houseplants. With fast and free delivery, a flexible and reliable returns policy, and a wide selection of pet-friendly and low-maintenance plant options, this review thinks Easyplant is an innovative and irresistible option for a plant delivery service in the US.

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