The best lilies online delivery

The best lilies online delivery

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Written by Andrea Pinto on September 14, 2021

Lilies are probably one of the most classic flower choices out there. Considering how beautiful and delicate they are, it is really no surprise that lilies continue to be one of the most popular types of flowers around the world. But how and where can you buy lilies easily?

Let’s talk about the best lilies online delivery services.

The best lilies online delivery

We have put together a comprehensive list of the best lilies online delivery services. Through these providers, you will be able to buy much more than just lilies. You will get to choose from simple lily bouquets, to elaborate arrangements containing other flowers, and even live lily plants.

Additionally, these great online shops offer a wide range of services that include gift baskets, fruit baskets, food gifts, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and even stuffed animals. If you are looking to send an unforgettable gift (or simply want to treat yourself!), you will have no shortage of items to choose from. 

They also offer different delivery options. Depending on when you place your order, you could be eligible for same-day or next-day shipping, which makes gift giving a breeze. Orders can usually be delivered to practically any address, as long as you provide precise instructions and enough preparation time.

Some of the best lilies online delivery options include: 


The benefits of lilies online delivery services

If lilies are your favorite flower, or you want to give them as a gift to someone special, there are many options to choose from. However, it can be overwhelming to try to buy in-store flowers sometimes, check their availability, arrange a delivery or pick-up time, and make sure you are getting freshly cut blooms. 

The good news is that lilies online delivery services offer the perfect solution to this conundrum. Online flower shops make it incredibly easy for you to buy exactly the type of flowers that you want, whether that is lilies, sunflowers, or roses. Most online retailers also offer a wide range of flower bouquets that contain a variety of different flowers and foliage, in whatever colors you desire.

Some online shops even offer live lily plants, which are a great option if you or someone you love prefers to care for a live plant rather than buying cut flowers. If you go for cut flowers, there are also many colors and designs available, from pure white to vibrant yellow and soft pink. 

Flower orders are carefully selected and cut just in time to make sure that they stay fresh for as long as possible. Depending on the lilies online delivery service that you choose, they could offer nationwide or even international delivery. No matter where you or the recipient are in the world, online flower shopping is the perfect way to send a meaningful and loving gesture. 

Another great benefit of online flower delivery services is that many of them work directly with local florists to fulfill many — or even all — of their orders. That means that even if you are placing an order from a different location and from the comfort of your living room, you will be supporting small local businesses. 

The meaning of lilies

The name “lily” comes from the Old English word “lilie”, which in turn, is derived from the Greek “leirion” and the Latin “lilium”. Thanks to the ancient origin of the word, we know that lilies have been held in high regard by humans for a very long time.

Lilies belong to the genus Lilium, and there are many different varieties of this flower. In general, all lilies are associated with love, purity, fertility, and devotion. In ancient Greece, a myth said that the goddess Hera refused to nurse Hercules — who was Zeus’ son by another woman —, and the spilled milk turned into lilies when they touched the ground. Therefore, lilies can also be associated with rebirth and motherhood.

In China, there is a long-held belief that lilies bring 100 years of love, which is why they are commonly used at wedding celebrations. And Christians associated the purity of lilies with the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.

Each type of lily also has its own meaning.

White lilies are probably the most popular variation of this flower, and they represent the traditional values of purity and commitment. They are also commonly used as condolence and mourning flowers, but they have a positive meaning — in this situation, they represent the love and strength of those who have been left behind.


Pink lilies are seen as a feminine flower, and they can provide a boost in confidence when someone is feeling a bit low. They represent friendship — especially friendship between women —, caring, and platonic love. They can also represent prosperity and abundance.

Yellow lilies are also popular, and they are thought to represent thankfulness, unity, and joy. They are happy flowers that are commonly used to say “thank you” to dear friends.

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