How to Hide Garbage Cans

How to Hide Garbage Cans

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Having spent so much time and care creating a floral and verdant paradise in your front garden, the addition of garbage cans can be something of an eyesore. And yet, they are a necessary eyesore that most of us can’t avoid. Thankfully, there are many ways to hide your garbage cans that don’t require a lot of time, effort, or money.

In fact, hiding garbage cans outside is often a great exercise in creativity! There are so many different approaches and ideas to hide garbage cans outside – from the quick-and-easy purchase of a shed to robust DIY projects to create trellises, shrubberies or fences that shield, disguise and transform garbage cans into works of art.

Regardless of your budget, commitment or creativity levels, here’s five ways to hide outdoor trash cans to keep your front garden pristine and pretty.

How to hide garbage cans in front of house

Build a shed

For those with space and time to burn, building a simple shed to store your garbage cans is a great way to keep your trash contained, away from potential pests, and out of sight.

There are a myriad of tutorials online to help you achieve this. What is great about using a shed to house your garbage cans is that it can be as basic or as flamboyant as you would like it to be.

For those who aren’t keen DIYers, there’s of course the option to buy a shed to fit alongside your house.

Garbage can covers 

If you’re wondering how to cover garbage cans outside, consider buying or building a garbage can cover. The benefit of having a cover is that it prevents unwanted creatures poking around in your trash.

Similar to the full enclosure of a shed, you can buy or make your own garbage  cover using a variety of materials. You can even optimize this cover to turn it into a garbage can feature of its own, adding a planting box on top and filling it with evergreen shrubs and flowers that will further help to diffuse any nasty garbage can smells.

Plant some shrubs

Take this idea one step further by turning your garbage can enclosure into its own protective shrubbery. Adding greenery to the front of your house is never a bad idea, particularly when it comes to hiding unsightly garbage cans.

Landscaping around your garbage cans using some strategically chosen plants can keep your garbage cans accessible for collection day but otherwise invisible. You can also use these plants to create more opportunities for pollination in your garden, as well as enjoying the color and structure they naturally add.

The best plants for hiding garbage cans

When considering what plants to choose to disguise your rubbish bins, you’ll want to look at generally evergreen plants that are thick and low to the ground. These will provide good, year-round cover of garbage cans with little maintenance.

Some of the best plants to achieve this include English laurel, boxwood shrub varieties, Irish yew, holly bushes, fern Podocarpus, and spindle trees.

For more ideas on how to cover up awkward housing necessities, read our guide to landscaping around mailboxes here.

Use potted plants as temporary covers

If planting evergreens is not possible for you, you can still benefit from the subterfuge of plants by using any large indoor houseplants to hide your trash instead. Simply place these big potted plants in front of your garbage cans and then bring them indoors again when it gets cold.

Build a trellis to hide garbage cans

Using a trellis or lattice fence to hide garbage cans is another great way to turn an eyesore into a garden feature. These garbage fence ideas combine the cover of a shed or protective screen with the added flair and beauty of some climbing plants.

DIY garbage can fences don’t need to be complicated; they just need a bit more patience as you wait for your climbing plants to grow. However, once finished, the effect is truly glorious and sure to transform the most-overlooked area of your garden into a key feature.

Again, when choosing climbing plants to help disguise your trash cans, look for hardy evergreens that won’t require too much maintenance. Clematis armandii, passionflower, and ivy are all good choices. Trailing rose varieties are also fast climbers and pack a serious color and perfume punch. Read how to easily prune and care for roses here or check out this guide to the most low-maintenance rose plants for your garden.

As is often the case in landscaping, there is no such thing as a feature or eyesore that can’t be improved with some tactical planting. So, if you’ve been struggling to find a place to hide your garbage cans, worry no more. Using one of the above solutions will keep your garbage cans safe, hidden, and perhaps even smelling like roses!

For some further shrub inspiration, read our guide to the best bushes for your front garden here.

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