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Written by Andrea Pinto on August 23, 2021

We have all been there — that moment when we realize we make a mistake and now have to make amends. Making mistakes is perfectly human, but it’s also important to be able to learn from our errors and apologize to those we love.

A beautiful flower arrangement can be the perfect way to express your feelings when it comes to apologizing. Flowers won’t just show how sorry you are — they will also go a long way in cheering up the person you are trying to apologize to.

Let’s discuss why flowers are a perfect way to apologize, and where you can find the best delivery service for apology flowers.

Why flowers are the perfect apology

Being able to apologize gracefully is a skill that we should all master at some point in our lives. Don’t get us wrong — we know that sometimes it can be very difficult to muster up the courage to ask for forgiveness. But if we know we made a mistake, it’s important to acknowledge our faults and apologize to the person who was affected.

We all make mistakes. Sometimes, simply saying the words “I’m sorry” can be enough. But you will also find many occasions in life where you will need to do something more meaningful to show remorse. 

Flowers are a classic apology gift, and it’s easy to see why. With their bright colors and pleasant aroma, flowers can bring a smile to just about any face! And when you apologize, one of the main objectives should always be to make that person happy once more.

Although any flower can make the recipient happy and symbolize an apology, some flowers are a better fit for this purpose. So, what are some of the most popular apology flowers? Let’s find out.

White tulips

White tulips typically mean forgiveness, respect, and honour. These pure blooms also represent hope and renewal, which are the perfect sentiments when you are trying to gain someone’s forgiveness so you can move past a mistake.

Yellow roses

Yellow roses are a common friendship flower, so they can be a great choice if the person you are apologizing to is one of your close friends. Additionally, their bright and happy color transmits feelings of warmth and caring.


Blue or purple hyacinths

Purple hyacinths are commonly used to symbolize regret, while blue ones symbolize a peace offering. A bouquet that contains purple and/or blue hyacinths can show your regret at the situation that occurred and your willingness to apologize and make peace.

Pink roses

Red roses classically symbolize romantic love, but pink roses express appreciation, grace, and gratitude. Therefore, pink roses are a great way to tell someone how grateful you are to have them in your life, and how much it would mean to you to have their forgiveness.

Lily of the Valley

These delicate flowers represent rebirth, purity, sincerity, and rejuvenation. Thanks to their meaning and softness, these blooms are a wonderful addition to a bouquet that is meant to show that you want to close a negative chapter by apologizing.


The recipient’s favorite flowers

Some flowers may specifically symbolize an apology, but if you know what the recipient’s favorite flowers are, you probably won’t go wrong by choosing to send those. So even if the person’s favorite flowers are sunflowers or orchids, they will be a perfectly appropriate choice to signal an apology.

Best delivery service for “I’m sorry” flowers

Thanks to the internet and modern delivery services, sending apology flowers has never been easier. By ordering your flowers online, you will simply have to choose a bouquet from your chosen provider’s selection and have it shipped to the recipient’s address — you could have the flowers shipped to their home, work, or practically any other place of your choosing.

And if you want to add an extra touch to your apology, online flower shops have your back. Most providers don’t limit themselves to selling flowers — they also offer a wide range of gifts, including chocolates, fruit baskets, gift baskets, balloons, stuffed animals, and even jewelry in some cases. So if you are thinking of going the extra mile in your apology, you can simply add another gift option to your flower arrangement, and the online provider will take care of everything for you. And don’t forget to add a heartfelt note to your order!

These are some of the best online delivery services for “I’m sorry” flowers:

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